The Invitation (aka The Absolute Worst Vibes)

We open up AAPI (Asian American and Pacific Island) Heritage month by talking about our girl Karyn Kusama and The Invitation. 
You know how sometimes you have a tragic divorce and your ex runs off and joins a cult for six months with her new husband? And then when they do come back they want to tell you all about the joy of death show you videos about euthanasia? And you know how your new black girlfriend thinks all of this is perfectly normal and is very cool with being shut up in a scary LA villa with a bunch of death obsessed cultists and never raises the slightest objection to any of this and acts like you're crazy for thinking it's at all strange? And then you find out your friend that supposedly has been running late left you a message saying they actually showed up early and you're pretty sure he's dead?
Has this ever happened to you?
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