Progressively Horrified is a podcast created by Jeremy Whitley and hosted by Jeremy, Chris Ceary, and Ben Kahn as well as a plethora of guests. It was born in October 2020 as Jeremy, Chris, and Ben realized they were all watchign horror movies and looking for something progressive and exciting in between the screams. So they decided to start a podcast where they could watch the most depraved and despicable acts of violence while looking for feminism, representation, and queer narratives. The goal is to find this stuff in the movies we watch and share the best of the horror genre with other people who might be interested but don't know where to start. The goal isn't to roast any icons or shame anyone for enjoying good old fashioned schlock, so we try to find stuff we think we'll like and take it from there. Despite all odds, we believe horror can be a force for progress and originality and we're here to share good horror critically with the world.