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Digressively Horrified #78: John Cenamorph


Digressively Horrified #77: Anime was a Mistake

That Demon Train was the shit though.

You're Next (aka Piss on your Levis) with Kat Calamia

Hide your blenders, kids! It's time for You're Next!

Digressively Horrified #76: It's Time to Light the Lights

Bear left. Right, frog.

Digressively Horrified #75: Ice Dune

Hell Hoth no fury like Ice Dune.

Devilman: The Demon Bird (aka Bird Bewbs) with Jamie Noguchi, Bronwyn Kelly-Seigh, and Steve Seigh

Our extra long exploration of Devilman for Emily's birthday continues with the episode about the naked big tiddied bird lady that can throw her claws at you. Anime, amirite?

Digressively Horrified #74: Flight of the Dragons

We have still never heard of this...

Digressively Horrified #73: Everclear and Go Nagai

We are so sorry, this episode contains several clips of Jeremy singing.

Devilman: The Birth (aka Castle Cocaine Club) with Jamie Noguchi, Bronwyn Kelly-Seigh, and Steve Seigh

A very special episode in celebration of Emily's birthday. We watched some real messed up anime. Won't you join us?

Digressively Horrified #72: Mac Tonight and Other 80's Demons

I explain...no, there is too much. I sum up.

Digressively Horrified #71: Talking Slashers with Benito

Make sure you're checking out Benito's podcast "Friends Till the End"!

First Anniversary Special (aka Below Jennifer's Body)

What began as a desire to talk about Jennifer's Body with friends has evolved into something very special!

Digressively Horrified #70: Malcolm Gladwell Dance

A lot of people say they're serial killers, but have they really put in their 10,000 hours?

Digressively Horrified #69: David Harbours and Elevens

Don't be a Billy.

The Nightmare Before Christmas (aka Vampire Polycule) with Katie Cook

Creative burnout but make it spooky.

Digressively Horrified #68: Stephen King's The Lavaliers

That Stephen King / Britney Spears Collab you've been waiting for is finally here!

Digressively Horrified #67: Hold the Rein

Yeah, we're talking about Gremlins, but do you remember the 1988 hit Vice Versa?

Better Watch Out (aka We Need to Talk about Kevin McAllister) with Michael Tanner

What if white suburban kids who can get away with anything were the real monsters all along?

Digressively Horrified #66: The Dunes of Hazzard

Those ol' Dune boys are at it again.

Digressively Horrified #65: The Devil? We've Baphomet

Emily does her thing

Gremlins (aka Life in Whitetown) with Shawn Pryor

White people can not be trusted.

Digressively Horrified #64: Director Speculation

Jack Nicholson Salad Bar

Digressively Horrified #63: When you get a lot of nerds in the same zoom

Bre still hasn't made it past that damned eagle

The Golem (aka Is Wonder Woman a Dreidel?) with Greg Silber and Elana Levin

We've spent a year trying to find a good horror movie with Jewish themes and we ended up with one about a Jewish mother who wields an unstoppable monster to do her bidding.

Digressively Horrified #62: We're All Fans Here

A rare look behind the microphone as a group of us share and geek out with each other!

Digressively Horrified #61: What Nightmares May Come

Our Child's Play crew talks about all the Nightmare on Elm Street sequels we should talk about and the one we never should

Rare Exports (aka Unexplained Santa Lust) with Benito Cereno

This man wants Santa Claus the way J Jonah Jameson wants pictures of Spider-Man.

Digressively Horrified #60: Pawverdale


Digressively Horrified #59: Animorphs in Widescreen

You remember that one where the kid turned into a whale to wipe out that ship?

Suspiria (2018) (aka Girlboss Witches) with Skylar Patridge

Should've known better than to cheat a friend / And waste the chance that I'd been given / So I'm never gonna dance again / The way I danced with you