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Host (aka Would Not Séance Again) with Steenz

Host is a horror movie that takes place entirely over zoom, so technically this podcast is a sequel!

Bad Hair (aka A Period Piece) with Bre Indigo, Lando Toothman, and Alicia Whitley

The tale of one woman's battle with her evil weave and a film's battle with what the hell it's even about.

Digressively Horrified 008 - On Being Black (or Jewish) in North Cack

North Carolina is a weird and varied place

Digressively Horrified 007 - Ace and NB Protags

Get on Saint's Row's Level

Get Out (aka Biting Across the Kitkat) featuring Aaron Amos, Emmanuel Lipscomb, and Jay Joseph Jr.

There are no good white people in this movie. That is not a thing which is up for debate. But it is a damn near perfect horror movie and should be required watching for white folk. Don't understand why? Listen to the podcast.

Digressively Horrified 006 - X Was Supposed to Give it to Us

It was a normal podcasting night, but then Danny Lore told us that there was supposed to be a Crow movie starring DMX...

Horror Noire (aka Rah Digga as a nanny for white people is Galaxy Brain) with Danny Lore, Emmanuel Lipscomb, and Allie Mullin

Comic Writer Danny Lore and Educator Emmanuel Lipscomb join returning guest Allie Mullin to talk about "Horror Noire" the documentary about the history of black people in horror movies. Also, Crow appears when the player defeats Ice-T in Club 357. He is the main antagonist of Def Jam: Fight for New York.

Digressively Horrified 005 - I didn't know Revolver was bad for a year

But it has Andre 3000 in it!

Digressively Horrified 004 - On Love, Race, Horror, and Community

None of our significant others like horror, so how did we get here? Danny Lore, Emmanuel Lipscomb, Allie Mullin, and Jeremy Whitley talk spouses that don't love horror, gatekeepers to the horror community, and being brown and queer in the world of Horror Bros.

Blood and Donuts (aka Astral Vampire Sex was my Sexuality in High School) with Bronwyn Kelly-Seigh

Somebody's calling the ghost sex hotline! Come join us in the grungiest all-night donut shop in Toronto for "Blood and Donuts," a tale of sexy vampires, strange donut flavors, and the love that can only be shared between a man and his strange strange cabbie.

Digressively Horrified 003 - What They Did in the Shadows

Happy Monday! Enjoy a very short digression this week about vampire oc's.

The Craft: Legacy (aka Daddy Duchovny's Red Flag Factory) with Allie Mullin and Alicia Whitley

In 2020, Blumhouse took another stab at making The Craft, this time with actual teenagers. It seemed fated to be a great movie...then the second half of the movie happened.

Digressively Horrified 002 - Emily Tells Us about Unicorns

Everybody has a story about that time they went to a yard sale at the house of that guy who raises unicorns, right? Well, Emily shared hers.

The Craft (aka The One with TMI) with Allie Mullin and Alicia Whitley

A long time ago, in 1996, Sarah Bailey moved from San Francisco to Los Angeles. There she met three girls: Rochelle, Bonnie, and Nancy. They formed a coven...and so did every other teenage girl in North America. That's right. We're talking about The Craft.

Digressively Horrified 001 - The One Where We Cast Friends with Characters from Winnie the Pooh

Sometimes we just have too much brilliance to fit into one episode. And thus, Digressively Horrified was born.

Ready or Not (aka Furious Girl Seeking Depressed Guy) with Justina Ireland

I'm gonna fiiiiind you and make you love me. It's in your head now and it won't leave until you listen to this podcast. Samara Weaving and Adam Brody play a deadly game of hide and seek with our heart and a new challenger for chippiest Chip of all time is revealed!

The Descent (aka How to Sell Millennials a Subaru) with Jason Strutz

One woman experiences the traumatic death of her husband and daughter, so her friends decide to make her feel better by taking her into a mysterious cave so they can all get killed together. Hold onto your merkins, it's gonna be a bumpy ride.

Black Christmas (aka Just a Regular Herring) with Bob Reyer

Merry Christmas! This week we talked about Black Christmas (2019) with Talking Comics host Bob Reyer. Put on your high waisted jeans, grab your bow and arrow, and prepare to let out your alpha (ugh).

Mayhem (aka Office Space Game of Death) with Allie Mullin

In which Mayhem is the anti-capitalist Capcom game we've been waiting for. It's like game of death, except for instead of Kareem Abdul Jabar, the top floor boss is a coked up CEO with golf clubs.

After Midnight (aka The Sweet Sad Song of Florida Man) with Karley Richard

When a man's long-term girlfriend disappears, a vicious monster begins stalking his house at night. Can he learn to overcome his own traditional masculinity and accept Lisa Loeb into his heart?

The Babadook (aka Boomerang Crossbow) with Emily Martin

We decided to talk about The Babadook the day after the election. We have a lot of feelings. Chris has been crying and listening to Panic at the Disco

Interview with "Anna and the Apocalypse" Actor Sarah Swire and Writer Alan McDonald (aka Whoever is Queer Shall Survive)

We sat down to interview Sarah Swire - who plays Steph North in "Anna and the Apocalypse" as well as Alan McDonald, writer of "Anna and the Apocalypse". Good times are had by all, including you. You will have a good time with this episode.

The Cabin in the Woods (aka hit em with the dumb-ass gas) with TJ

Jeremy, Ben, Chris, and TJ learn that there is a big difference between being aware of genre tropes and being self aware. It's the episode that will have you saying: "Is that a thing with Joss Whedon?"

This One's About Family

In which Jeremy, Ben, and Chris decide their fate and we finally get around to launching that Patreon we've been talking about.

The Mummy (1999) (aka The Bisexual Thirst Trap) with Alexis Sanchez & Desiree Rodriguez

Jeremy, Ben, Alexis, and Desiree find themselves trapped between late nineties Egyptian exoticism and overwhelming thirst for Evy Carnahan and Rick O'Connell. If you see any golden bugs, leave them where they are!

The First Purge (aka Waiting for Skeletor)

The First Purge is an unsubtle movie about predicting the events of 2020 three years in advance. We're talking freaky masks, racial politics, a man known only as "Skeletor".

Anna and the Apocalypse (aka Sing it, Ben Wiggins!)

What if High School Musical with zombies and an activist lesbian teen? Join Jeremy, Chris, and Ben as we talk about our love of scenery chewing villains, flesh chewing zombies, and good non-sexualized representation of queer women.

Trailer - Episode 002 - Anna and the Apocalypse

It's a long week for those of us in the United States. We just lost an hour and hopefully soon we'll lose a president. So, here's a few minutes of our new episode to help you make it through.

Jennifer's Body (AKA we all owe Megan Fox an apology)

Jeremy, Chris, and Ben talk "Jennifer's Body," Lesbigay demons, shitty horror movie boyfriends, and toxic friendships. Look out, this one's a kicker.

Teaser - Episode 001 - Jennifer's Body

Welcome to Progressively Horrified, a podcast where we look at horror through a progressive lens. The podcast is hosted by Jeremy Whitley with Chris Ceary and Ben Kahn. This trailer features clips from our first episode, which is about Jennifer's Body and will be out in the first week of November. Subscribe to use now to get every episode as it comes out! Here's a trailer for our first episode