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Digressively Horrified #50: Hiddles-Town

Way down, under his hair flip...

Digressively Horrified #49: Gaimanesque

We talk a lot about this dude. We should really do one of his books or comics at some point...

Drag Me to Hell (aka The Roasting of the Pork Queen) with Matt Wilson

What does any of this even mean? The Sam Raimi prism of it baffles us.

Digressively Horrified #48: Tony Todd and Keith David Walk into a Diner

Drop us the link to that Tony Todd ASMR channel...

Digressively Horrified #47: Our Ted (Raimi) Talk

We need a leather clad bad boy for this opening scene...somebody get me Ted Raimi

The VVitch (aka Eerie Music Intensifies) with Sweeney Boo

Man hands on misery to man, It deepens like a coastal shelf. Get out as early as you can, And don't have any kids yourself

Digressively Horrified #46: Xenobites

It's the ultimate combination between the uncomfortably sexual and the sexually uncomfortable

Digressively Horrified #45: The Shadow Realm

Elana does not know anything about Yu-gi-oh and for some reason Ben and Jeremy are determined to make Hellraiser II all about Yu-gi-oh!

Gojira / Godzilla (aka Doctor Danger Twink) with Jamie Noguchi

Godzilla is here to yeet your train and the only man who can stop him is staring into the middle distance with sunglasses over an eyepatch.

Digressively Horrified #44: The Choices of David Arquette

A man who knows how to dedicate himself to a bit.

Digressively Horrified #43: IKWYDLS


Crimson Peak (aka The Past Always Gives it to You From Behind) with Carrie Tupper

The ghosts are a metaphor. The metaphor has something to do with the past...or sex...or butterflies. We're not sure.

Digressively Horrified #42: Guest Starring Peter Noble

A whole new level of meta

Digressively Horrified #41: Boob Talk

We're all pro boobs here.

Candyman (aka No Body, Just Vibes) with Danny Lore

A movie about a white academic who is determined to learn the truth behind an urban legend, no matter how many black people have to die for her to do it.

Digressively Horrified #40 - White Clamshell VHS

That's not the box that the cool movies come in...

Digressively Horrified #39 - Tall Talk

We had a little too much fun talking about Freaky

Hellbound: Hellraiser II (aka Yugioh for Grown-Ups) with Elana Levin


Digressively Horrified #38 - Jamie Lee Curtis Cast

Freaky Friday and a thing for Mommies

Digressively Horrified #37 - With Apologies to Kyler

Never trust a Kyler

Don't Breathe (aka Cinema Hate Crimes)

We've seen plenty of dumb movies on this show, but this may be the first that actively tried to make us hate it.

Digressively Horrified #36 - Planet Bud

We only had a fun off topic conversation about one thing during the Hard Candy episode. You guessed it, it's about Air Bud.

Digressively Horrified #35 - Crossfire

It's August and that means it's sequel month! Enjoy some cutting room floor material and join us back here on Friday for Don't Breathe!

Scream 2 (aka Murder Magoo) with TJ Finecey

The rules of a sequel: Higher body count, more outrageous kills, don't take a job working for the white lady that survived the first one! It's time top talk Scream 2!

Digressively Horrified #34 - Van-pires!

A meteorite turns a team of young gearheads mentored by a former roadie for The Rolling Stones into car vampires. It also creates an evil car vampire overlord who feeds on other cars. To save the world, they must stop his vampire car pack.

Digressively Horrified #33 - Why Not Tiffs?

A Digressively Horrified full of some of our last thoughts on murder art.

Demon Knight (aka Last Banana of Christ) with Brad Michael Elmore and Danny Lore

Don't let the Tales from the Crypt branding fool you, there's something really special here. Also, there's boobs. It's still a Tales from the Crypt movie.

Interview - Bit Director Brad Michael Elmore

Brad Michael Elmore came by our Foot Clan like lair to skateboard and smoke cigarettes with Sam Rockwell. Unfortunately, Sam was out and he had to talk to Jeremy, Ben, and Emily.

Bit - Pride Rebroadcast

Bit is the trans girl, vampire girl gang, snazzy dressing, character design challenge, coming of age blood soaked LA vampire movie that you've been waiting your whole life for.

Freaky (aka Our Real Kinks Were The Friends We Made Along The Way) with Terra Acevedo & Mila Valecillo

You will never feel so touched in your soul boy a scene of Vince Vaughn kissing a teenage boy. We promise.