Saloum (aka A Bad Case of Knife to the Tank) w/ Emmanuel Lipscomb

A trio of mercenaries attempting to save a drug dealer end up having to fight supernatural curses and face their own trauma in this Senegalese thriller. The Horror Squad is joined by friend of the show Emmanuel Lipscomb, who you can catch on most recently on episode 124 - "Nickels, Nickels, Nickels".

Content Warning - This episode contains descriptions of child molestation and human trafficking, and our hosts ranked this movie as scary.
The Basics
  • Director: Jean Luc Herbulot
  • Writers: Jean Luc Herbulot and Pamela Diop
  • Stars: Yann Gael, Evelyne Ily Juhen, Roger Sallah, Mentor Ba, and Bruno Henry

Emmanuel - Resolution (2012) and The Endless (2017)
Emily - Trigun (1995 - 1997)
Ben - The Unknown Soldier (2017)
Jeremy - City of God (2002) and Children of Men (2006)

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Theme: “Epic Darkness” by Mariokhol06, provided royalty free from Pixabay
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