They/Them (aka Trans Kids LOVE Police) with Morgan

Trigger warning: conversion camps, conversion therapy, honey pots, shock therapy, aversion therapy, torture, nudity, transphobia, biphobia, homophobia, gaslighting, homophobic violence. rape, sexual assault.

It used to be that when you started looking for horror movies with queer content to talk about during Pride you had to settle for a lot of "feels queer" and "this straight person is a queer icon" or "queer subtext".

I have good news and bad news. 

The Good News: "They/Them" from Peacock stars a dozen or so explicitly queer teen characters.

The Bad News: This movie is an absolute stinker that has no idea what it is or what it wants to do. We go from shock therapy to Glee style musical numbers of P!NK songs. It's all handled with the precision and subtlety of a Dick Cheney hunting trip. 

Other good news: it does seem that non-binary people are invisible and free to move around with no restriction of gender or plot.

Other bad news: The ending of this thing should be saved for the last day of June because it is sure to propel you directly into Gay Wrath. It is next level bad. It somehow manages to be both nonsensical and undercut the entire rest of the movie. Wait till you hear about the unquestioning love and faith that a black trans woman has in the local police!

Literally anything else. We do not recommend this movie. We barely even recommend this podcast, but here we are.
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