Neon Genesis Evangelion: Part 1 - The Moms We Piloted Along the Way

It's Emily's birthday! 🥳 To mark the occasion we are finally watching Neon Genesis Evangelion!

Jeremy: I turned it down
just the tiniest bit.

Is this still coming out okay?

Yeah, you're still good.


Cause for whatever reason that
tiny little bit of volume is the

difference between I can hear normal
or my ears are just bleeding from the

feedback for some reason, Got it.

Good evening and welcome to a very special
episode of Progressively Horrified, the

podcast where we usually hold horror to
progressive standards it never agreed to.


It's Emily's birthday.

We're talking about an anime series.

that has been mentioned uh, and
at least half of the episodes of

this podcast, it isn't strictly
speaking either horror or a movie.

But Emily chose this one and there are
certainly horror elements in this show.

So Emily is using this podcast as a
way to finally get me to watch and

talk about Neon Genesis, even Gallian.

I am your host, Jeremy Whitley.

And before this assignment, I have
never seen a single episode, a single

minute of Evangelian, neon or otherwise

Over the last month, I have seen every
episode of the show the director's cuts

of the episodes that have director's
cuts The Death True Recap movie, which

is a thing , the end of even Gallian
film and all four of the rebuild films.

My sync rate has reached above 80%.

, no, know, no

Emily: of both.

You're at a sync rate Infinity.

Jeremy: it's the number
that's really close to zero.

Jeremy has been absorbed
into the entry plug.

Yeah, I've known dummy
plug now Two Engine.

Emily: Yeah.

Jeremy: Jeremy Reeks of lcl.


Emily: He's one with the Universe

Jeremy: So as always with me tonight,
I have a panel of chil and SNA bites.

First they're here to challenge
sexy, wearable, sexy, vampire binary.

My co-host Ben Conn.

Ben, how are you and what is your
previous experience with even Gelian,

Avon Gallian, the anime that holds
you to standards you didn't agree to

My experience with the Depressed Boy Robot
Anime, I watched it week to week, quasi

week to week slash when I was able to stay
up late enough to catch it on Adult Swim.

So there's a few episodes that I've seen
like a ton of times and a few episodes

like I, I'd only seen like once or
twice or had even just missed on cuz I

missed that week when it was on and I'd
never seen End of Avon Gallian before.

And if the show is the Cruels Angels
thesis, then end of Avon Gallian

is the Cruel Angels Doctorate.

. Yeah.

That's some collegiate humor for you.

And of course, the cinnamon
role of Snot Bites.

Our co-host, Emily Martin.

Emily, how are you tonight then?

Tell us a brief version of your history.

Emily: I might as well have a Cruel
Angels Doctorate in this show.

I have been like fully absorbed
infinite synchronization.


Jeremy: you say Cruel Angel or Cool Angel?

Cause I feel like the Cool Angels
thesis is a way different to show

and probably an AAU like visual
novel game they probably released.

It's the they did

Emily: there.


Jeremy: Shing Get on the Ava skateboard.

Emily: Listen , I, that probably
exists and we'll talk about that later.


Jeremy: so many merch.

This show has an actual
canonical high school au so yes,

Emily: it does, it has
several, which is the

Jeremy: only thing they
chose to animate in the final

episode, which I'm like, good.

Yeah, you should do you, you knew what
was gonna be the sub and the money maker.

That's how we get that
end of Ava budget money.

Emily: Yeah.

The there's a lot of comics that
are based on that anyway got to

it in at the beginning of college
and have been there ever since.

Jeremy: Yeah.

I remember you having violent reactions
to the point of being like, I don't

know if I can do the podcast tonight.

Because you saw the last
theaters at some point, like just

being like, I don't know guys.

I'm just in a weird place.

Emily: Yeah.

But yes, that's right.

It wasn't in theaters, it was streaming.

The last Rebuild movie came
out Oh gosh, last year.

Last year.

Last year, yeah.

On March 21, 21.

And it, I was, it, I was
sent As the kids would say.

And yeah, it's it's a journey.

Now I will say also before we get
into everything else, the rebuilds,

were not part of this assignment.

So above kudos.

Beyond kudos.


If you would to.

So the rebuilds are not,

Jeremy: I was only able to watch
about 30 episodes worth of content.


Emily: So kudos to you.

Like you all are real friends.

You all are real friends.

Anyway, I got you boo.

Jeremy: Yeah, thank you.

Also, joining us to, you've already
heard them, they're two of our favorites.

First of all, from talking comics Bron,
when Kelly say Bronn, how are you and

what's your experience with a Gillian?

Emily: I'm doing great cuz I'm hanging
with you guys and that's always

one of my favorite things to do.

and happy birthday Emily.

There will be ugly singing later.

I'm sorry.

It's just a thing.

That's good.


Jeremy: the only kind I'm capable

Emily: of exactly as to

Jeremy: Zoom is capable of

Emily: as to Gallian, I guess
I've been like Yvonne Gallian

adjacent since I was really young.

But I didn't actually, it was like I
was asically approaching Evangelian

for a really long time, but until
I met Steve, I didn't actually have

anyone to sit down and watch it with.

Cause it's not a, you don't get introduced
to Evangelian solo and get the same

experience, so Steve sat me down and we
had a few drinks and we binge watched it

and it snakes so deep into my subconscious
that when we got this assignment I was

like, I don't think I've seen this before.

I was like, we watched the whole
thing, but then the instant that

music came up, I was like, and it all
downloaded immediately back into my

Jeremy: brain

Emily: So like Ivon Gillian has the
I don't know, definitive pleasure

of being like the only anime.

You don't have to skip the intro.

It's got great music.

You, there's

Jeremy: lots of anim and great intros.


Is there Most of my Spotify
wrapped playlist is anime opening

Emily: songs.

There's some bangers out there.

Nothing as good as Eon Gallian.

Yon Gallian is great.

That is top tier.

That is s

Jeremy: tier music more, the more
anime I watch, the more I, to not go

down this tangent, the weird drastic
difference between anime opening theme

songs and anime closing theme songs.

Oh yeah.

But we'll get into that another time
because I also have to introduce

Megan, his return to the podcast.

Talk about giant monsters once again.

It's our friend and my collaborator
on school for extra ter real girls.

Jamie Ucci.

Jamie, how are you and what's your
experience with these giant sad robots?

Sad things?

So I never had cable
until I graduated college.

but I also discovered Ava early
in my college career, because ADV

started bringing it over in VHS form.

So I would go to $50 for two episodes.

I would go to Hollywood video when
that was still a fucking thing.


. And I would, I, I started backwards
cuz I was like, I don't know if I'm

gonna be able to sit through this whole
thing, so I wanna see how it ends.

So I bought, oh no, the tape that had
the last episodes and I was watching

this and I was like, I am too dumb.

I need to watch the rest of
this . I am too stupid to

understand what I am watching.

Perhaps if I see the rest of
it, everything will make sense.

Oh, I spent, no, no saving up to buy
the rest of the series that I got it

on DVD eventually, and I watched it
and, and then I got to the last ones.

I was like, all right, it's been a while.

I'm ready.

I've seen the whole series.

I'm not as dumb, pretty dumb.

Kill dumb.

Watched him again.

I definitely didn't have very
much memories of 25 or 26.

I feel like 25, especially if I had
caught it, I probably five minutes

on and I was like, let's see if
there's a South Park rerun on.

I'm obsessed with episode 25.

not because like I know everyone wants
to ask AO about it and get his take.

I don't want his take on it.

, I'm uninterested in his take on it.

I want the second unit director's
take on what the fuck happened.

Like I don't want the guy who
made any of the decisions.

I want the guy who had to carry them out.


I wanted to be the guy
who was like, hell yeah.

Why did the script call for 10
solid seconds of just a photograph

of a bicycle I don't think the
original script, you have a, you

write a bicycle to work, right?

Go outside, take a photo and then I guess
we're just gonna put that on television.

I, this is what we have to do to get paid.

It very

Emily: much flows like script
poker, like, like people were just

losing hands willy-nilly . Oh yeah.


Yeah, I get that.

Oh my god.

I loved the

Jeremy: pencil tests of like, the
shapes morphing into different shapes.

I was like, yeah, I, that motherfucker
. Yeah, I mean there's really look like,

what have we got on the computer still?

This was a real, like, we spent how
much on the tandem dancing episode?

Emily: I'll get into the story about that.

Jeremy: Well, before we get into the, the
whole recap, I, I wanna, I wanna play a

quick game here based on what everybody
has seen, so, I want everybody to try and

explain what this show is in one sentence.

Oh, God.

Ronwyn, why don't you take a shot at that?

Emily: Okay.

One sentence.

I mean, I have it in 25, but what's that?

Yeah, exactly.

Even Gallian in one sentence.

Sad boys.

Bad parenting, horniness
and a lot of drugs.

Jeremy: All right.

Jamie, what, what do you get?

I feel like Avon Gallian happens when
you have no other outlet to work out

all of the feelings that are inside.

And a company says to you,
well, your other ideas are shit.

What else have you got?

And you say, this is what I've got.

It's everything that I love, but
all of this pent up stuff that

I haven't dealt with yet, and
I'm just gonna mash it together.

And you're paying me and
you're gonna fucking like it.

And then Colin, you're gonna
pay me some more, many, many,

many, many years down the road.

And you're still gonna like it.

It's gonna be the biggest
selling thing in Japan.

And guess what?

I still can't believe you paid me for it.


My, my analysis is, It is about a
sad, horny boy fighting angels and

destroying God using giant robots.

He's so sad and horny and
he's so sad about being horny.

. Yep.

Destroy God.

And also his dad, who, depending on
which version you're watching, is kind

of God, by the time he destroys him,

Emily: daddy session,

Jeremy: Ava happened because, because
Papa doesn't know how to feelings.


, I kept waiting for them.

I like, I remember when I first
watched it, I kept waiting for them.

I'm like a big confrontational scene
with one, and now they're, and instead

it's really just like, oh, they have
some awkward small talk in an elevator

halfway through the series, and that's
the last time they're in the same room.


It's, I feel like watching this, I'm
like, this is a cultural thing, right?

Like, yeah.

, if this was, if this was America,
there would be a giant soap opera

blow up in the middle of it.

And in, because it's Japanese at
some point he's just like, dad,

I I feel like you haven't been
around for me and you treat me bad.

And his dad's like, shut up.

. Getting the robot.

Getting the robot shinji.

Sacrifice yourself to legitimately
provide an elevator pitch for this

story as an overarching whole, which
is a vast global conspiracy, seeks

to emotionally abuse, really sad,
sexually confused children into ending

the world with giant robots, and also
a really skimmed entry of Kabbala.

Emily: So basically millennials,
but without the robots.

Maybe we'll see how things go.


I mean, I wouldn't put money on

Jeremy: it.


A real like, SROs look cool.

Let's do that.

Do you know what it means?

Not really, but it looks cool.

And you know what?


I'm okay with that.

Appropriate my culture
as much as you want.

Avon gel.

If you're gonna be this good,
well animated . It is already.

Emily, what's your what's your pitch?

Your one, your one sentence

Emily: pitch?

Well, I'm, I, I've cheated because I
know the one sentence pitch of the show

from the original pitch packet, . Oh.

Which is giant robot battles in the
style of 2000 West Face Odyssey.

But you know,

Jeremy: oh fuck.



I see how this show back.


That's a great pitch.

That's a great pitch.

That's a pitch.

That's the show.

Emily: I mean, it's not nearly
horny enough to actually represent

what we see, but it is pretty

Jeremy: fricking close.


Definitely doesn't capture the horny

Emily: sadness.


Yeah, that's, yes.

Jeremy: My Kyle was really sexy.

You know, I mean, I bet Hal think, what if
Kyle was a really sexy 14 year old girl?


Also your mom that hurt to say, yeah.

What if hell is a sexy 14 year
old girl who's also your mom?

Oh my God.

The editor.

I mean,

Emily: I'm really, I'm really glad, yeah.

That the sexy version of how
in Future Avo was SEI Weaver.

That was good.

But no, my, my actual real pitch for
this, like my one sentence explanation

of the show would be, what if Voltron
was written by Michael Brighton?

? Oh

Jeremy: my God, that's so good.

Emily: That would explain why
there wasn't ever a good sex scene.

Jeremy: How do I think mine would be?

Like, you know, that part of it
that no one ever adapts at the end?


That What if that was a Mecca Anime?

Emily: All right.

So the basics, we got the
director, Hiya a worked on stuff

with Studio Guy next before this,
like Nadia Secret of Blue Water.

He worked briefly on Oscar Valley
of the Wind under Hi Miyazaki.

Did a lot of other stuff, KA cono,
his, his, her circumstances et cetera.

Written by Hiya and Studio GY X,
which is the collection of writers and

directors named MAs, Yuki Kasu, and a
few others that aren't as consistent.

Starring Maum Gata, who we also know
from Sailor Moon as she plays hauk

aka Sailor Uranus . Also in detective
Conan, which we know is Case Close

and Yugi, where she plays who else?

Bud Muto Yugi.

We also have Maum Hiya, who is in Pokemon
as Jesse and Cowboy Biba as Fay Valentine.

Ko Mitsui, who is in Sailor Moon as
none other then Lua aka Sailor Moon.



Jeremy: Lua is Sailor Moon.


Emily: Spoilers as, sorry.


But I just

Jeremy: wanna point out, don't
tell me who tuxedo mask is.

, this is the soda.

He's gonna do something useful.

They keep building up to it,

Emily: just like Chingy.

But with the, we have.

Cat Mitsui, who is also Micato.

So Micato and Sailor Moon Yes.

Are the same people.


That's amazing.

Jeremy: Think about that.

That's fantastic.

Now I need to draw Masato in an epic sale.

Fucking hell, right?

I'm off.

I gotta, yeah.



Emily: Am I gonna need a copy of that one?

? Yeah.

Last but not least, we have feelings.

And then we have Yuko Mimo
who is Ka and berserk, 1997.

And also in Detective Conan.

Among others like these, these
oysters are very, very prolifics.

So they're in a lot of different
stuff, but these are sort of

their more starring roles.

So, that said Bronwyn, we, we have,
we have several recaps tonight.

Bronwyn, I'm gonna give you the floor in
your episode recaps as you, as you so much

sum up each episode with one sentence go.

All right.

Episode one, whereby the first contact
with angels is dubbed at the second

impact, aka nerve conscripts, the kids
and other terrible parenting episode two

pen, pen and the strategically placed cans

Episode three, lessons in Personal
Accountability and screaming.

Good episode four for Want of a Therapist,

Jeremy: Oh, Jesus.

That's the whole fucking story episode.

Oh my God.

Emily: That one's hedge
ho's dilemma, right?




Which, which

Jeremy: is the same hedgehog's
dilemma feels too small for an

episode, for a title of an episode
when it's clearly one of the

overriding themes of the whole show.


It just has to put the words in there.

There's only, it is the only
character dynamic that any two

characters have with each other.


Emily: Yes.

Episode five.

Awkward at Life Daddy Issues
and Adventures in Matos Cooking.

. Hell yeah.

And episode six.

Here we go.

The crystalline entity and
it's penis drill is not

R i p and Onion song
and all your creations

Jeremy: fucking lore.

I knew it was Laura's fault.

Emily: It's absolutely Laura's fault.

It's all Laura's fault.

Episode seven, distension
in the Ranks, episode eight,

all about Oscar and Oh yeah.

Also Kaji, I guess.


It's Ray Lo.

Oh my god.

Ray is Lore.


Jeremy: no.

Oh no.

Oh, shit.

Emily: Ray deserves better than, or
also data, though, like I thought.

No Ray's data.


Totally lore.

Jeremy: Oh, yeah.

Data gets strangled as a baby.

I mean,

Emily: probably.

Yeah, noian

Jeremy: soon probably would've.

Emily: Oh, yeah, yeah.

Min Sing's wife probably would've.



Jeremy: Episode nine.

That's a real baller of a move.

Like, Hey honey, I made a robot.

Guess what?

It looks like me.

Emily: All right.


Broadway, episode nine.

Creepy Stalkers and Oh yeah.

Consent issues, AKA Rio
Chi is a gross . Yes.

Episode 10, the horny years
Hot springs and Hot deaths.

. Oh, . Episode 11.

What to Do in an emergency, aka.

He's still a shit dad.

Aka people are the real bad

Jeremy: guys.

God, this, this should be like art prompts
for , for like a monthly competition.

I'm gonna, can I borrow these for Toku

Emily: Temper next?

Yes, absolutely.

I'll send you a document.



Episode 12, where Ikari Wax is poetic
about his deep misunderstanding

of science, aka motivations

Episode 13, and now they need to be nude.

Aka this is what happens if you
stop taking your antibiotics

before they're finished.


episode 14, the recap, aka the cabal
clutch, AKA Ray gets really, really high.

When is she not?

Well, I mean, that is a
theme you will notice.

Episode 15, warm Fuzzies, aka weddings,
racism and more terrible parenting.

. Oh boy.

Episode 16, Peter Pan's, shadow
and Shinji does raise drugs.

episode 70.

That's pretty good.

Thank you.

. These are great.

And then there were four
and other explosions.

Jeremy: Oh,

Oh man.

Emily: Sorry, I had no filter with these.

So we're gonna do our own podcast,
a separate podcast, and that's

gonna be the title of you.

We're gonna talk about this later, . Okay,
so put that, just put a pin in that.

Yeah, yeah, yeah.

You got this.

Episode 18, Shin's heart is crushed again.

Episode 19, Shinji stands
against corruption.

Just kidding.

More pressure on kids, AKA Cannibalistic.

Mama Bear.

. Oh, relatable.

. Episode 20.

Shinji is back on the Good Drugs, aka.

When they say rebirth, they mean rebirth.

episode 21, backstory, Kendo is
still a jerk, and Kaji has crossed

his last personal boundary.

Dear episode, watch, watch . Yeah,
Oscar o's PTSD is still UNT treat.

Jeremy: All their PTSD is on mean.


Emily: Jesus.


This is a true story.

Episode 23, is that a dummy
plug or did Ray get hurt again?

AKA Clone Wars.

Oh, that's

Sorry, I had a Star
Trek reference earlier.

I had to do Star Wars.

No, that's great.

That's important.

Episode 24, where Krow one Adam
gets Lilith instead and would

rather die than cause the Death of
humanity through heterosexuality.


Episode 25.

Wait, what?

and episode 26.

Ah, yes.

The good drugs . So no, for end of
Alion ala I'm sorry I didn't nail.

It's good.

Jeremy: Those are perfect.

Don't, no.


Here I got your one.

I got your one sentence recap
for end of Avon Gallian.


Emily: Nailed it.



So if that was confusing, I'll try
to, I'll try to make things a little

bit clearer with my full recap.

I've been recapping this movie since,
or this show since 2001 for people.

So here goes my best effort.

Jeremy: We believe in You Buckle,
you are gonna be an epic all its

Emily: own.

All right.

Right, right.

So our story begins Yes.

And the distant future of 2015.

Oh geez.

Oh no.

15 years after an apocalyptic
event known is the second impact.

Quote, quote, quote, has changed
the face of planet Earth.

The city of Neo Tokyo is being attacked
by a monster because of course it is.

And here we have the one, the
only Shinji Kari, our protagonist.

You may have seen him across
memes, bemusedly, sipping tea,

or refusing to get in the robot.

Here he is spotting a phantom
blue-haired girl on the street

while he tries to make a call.

During yet another apocalypse enter
sa another disaster of a different

and entirely relatable variety.

She picks Chingy up in her future
Prius, and they barely avoid

being s swooshed by a monster.


Shinji, you see, has been summoned by a
secret organization known as nerve, like

a nerve in your arm, but without the E.

So it's nerve or nothing?


Why they call it nerve?

I just Why?



Because the original one was called
Cahe, which is German for brain.

And then Caher ended and then they
decided to make the next company extension

of the brain, which is the nerve.

And it's also in German.

So Ner is German for nerve, it's a thing.

And then this, the, the entity
that funds all of this is

Salle, which is German for soul.

So you have your soul and
your brain and your nerve.

Jeremy: Ah, okay.

It looks like it says seal.

It really does.

Especially, I was gonna say this is
a shocking level of interest in the

humanities for such like a science cult.

Like I feel like Zuckerberg
around the science

Emily: though.

Oh yeah.

No, this is speculative.


Jeremy: what's not scientific about wheat?

Cloned God and made it and,
and gave it a robot costume.

. I mean,

Emily: Michael

Jeremy: Creton.

I have to say I, I'm glad I, I, you
know, I'm actually a little sad that I

didn't watch this with subtitles, but
watched it because I would've absolutely

been hilarious coming on here talking
about, especially in the, the last

two, like, Re rebuilds where it's two
organizations that appear to be called

Celi and Willie fighting each other.

and Willie.

Willy And Willy.


Which they pronounce.

Which they pronounce totally different.

They pronounce it Ze Ze and Vila.




Well, and the, the, the new English
translation of nerve is also

pronounced differently in the show
cuz like in the original it was

called Nerve and now they call it nef.

Do you, do you know why the,
the weird that's, I think

Emily: it's German, that sound right?

German also they say it in Japanese, they
pronounce it Uf . I don't know if it's

always so breathy, but that's, that's
always how I hear Micato saying it.

I, oh, I skipped over
something very important.

Jeremy: Must be business
Maa saying it that way.

This way with the, I watch it this
way in the original Japanese, because

again, the way I mostly associate
with was the adult swim dub.

So while I hear good things about
the Netflix dub, it's like, it's

just, it's just different enough
from the adult swim dub to make me

go like, ah, this something's weird.

Something's off.


So I'm like, let's go to the source.

So I'm gonna, you get
that Og Shinji screaming

Emily: Yeah.

Well, I, I haven't watched it dub for
a long time and I intended I'm, I'm an

asshole that way of all my best to the
voice actors, the people who worked on the

adv dubs especially did they, they did far
above what was, what they were paid for?

Essentially like all of the
localization for the adv.

I still prefer the Japanese voices, but
that's cuz I'm an elitist and I just

Jeremy: like, people need be gummy.


Emily: Anyway, Shinji you see has
been summoned by a secret organization

known as Nerf, like Nerf with no E.

His estranged father works
for them, so does Macado.

They go downstairs to an immense
underground terrarium called the Geo

Front, where Destiny awaits . This
creature attacking Tokyo is apparently

an angel, although in the Japanese
literal translation, it's apostle, huh?

No one ever talks about that.

Which looks like a cool bird in
an eighties power suit that can

explode things into big crosses.

We're referencing referencing Christianity
here, folks, and subtleties for cowards.

, also ultraman, just like that.


Jeremy: check out ao Super
Sweet Ultraman references.

Emily: A Loves Ultraman.

In fact, I'm pretty sure Hiya AO got
all of the Christian like, yes, the,

the Christian symbolism from Ultraman.

And a book about the,
well, this isn't Christian.

He also got some symbolism from
a book about the Kabbalah that

he read once in high school.

Jeremy: Ka it's, it's the most Jewish
representation I've seen in most anime

. This, this show makes me occasionally,
I was just like, is this what it feels

like to like be Greek or Japanese or
Chinese and just see like Americans making

stuff about your, like your religion.

And just massively
misunderstanding all of it.

Because like I was watching this and I
was like, that's a weird interpretation

of like this, you know, these weird
bits of Jewish mysticism and Christian

like mythology and stuff that's in here.

And I was just like, that's . That's
not at all like what's in the Bible.

You just kinda took some, I mean,
you just kind of took some stuff.


I'm pretty used to people not
understanding my religion.

. And I mean,

Emily: like realistically speaking,
that's pretty much across the board.

Most of the Christian religions
are just taken stuff like Yeah.

. Yeah, there's, there's something to that.

And there's some interesting takes
that I've read about the the Christian

symbolism taking over the angels.

Taking over the apostles anyway,
but it be what it's like to be

Jeremy: Egyptian.


Well it feels, it feels like all
of the eighties movies about Ninja

where people were saying like,
oh, the Ninja are super honorable.

And I'm like,

Emily: that'ss not right.


That's what ninja.

That's not, that's not, no.


Jeremy: Maybe protect houses in Suburban
LA from home alone style like intruders.

Obviously any day now three
Ninjas is gonna get a reboot.

Just you Oh God.


Emily: they're gonna surf.

It could be fair.

Jeremy: They did learn everything.

They know Surf Ninjas
starring Rob Schneider.

Hell fucking yeah.

Emily: So, yeah, I like that movie.

Have a

Jeremy: lot of, so many times as a kid.



For my birthday, we're doing Surf Ninjas.

That is a hard movie.

We're not doing surf

Emily: ninjas, , anything
with Rob Schneider as horror,

as far as I'm concerned.

Thousand percent on board with that

Okay, so there's a lot of like
crosses and, you know, it's

called fucking a Evangelian.

It's called Neon Genesis Evangelian.

The, the Japanese name for this show is
Shinsei a Evangelian, which means New

century, a Evangelian, but they decided
specifically to call it Neon Genesis,

which is Greek for sort of the same

Jeremy: genesis.

Oh, I thought the neon meant
that the genesis was glowing.

Me too, me too.

The wildest shit that happens
in the rebuilds is that at

some point the, somebody says,
you know, it's a neon genesis.

And I was like, what?

The said it some kinda neon genesis

Emily: Aian

Jeremy: It's in like the fourth rebuild,
I wanna say it's Evil Dad that says it.

And it's really kendo is just
like, it will be a neon genesis.

And I was like, I'm, I'm Leonard De Capri
on me, just the fucking title drop.


Emily: technically in English it should
be F Evangelian, but no, they, no one

Jeremy: says it like that.

I will never call it an

Emily: fian.

No, it's also gif and I'm sorry,
but it . Yeah, that's fine.

But the weird thing is that
the Magi supercomputer in

the show is called the Maggy.

Which I'm like, mm-hmm.

Can't do that one.


That's where I draw the line.

That's the magi.

Or I could just call them
ca barb, officer and Milko.

But yeah, let's get back to . This is,
this is, I'm sorry, but Melchior is

always gonna be the El and shadow hundred

Jeremy: gotta say was a real choice to
pick a motif with that many letters that

don't exist in your native alphabet.

Emily: I mean, it's a choice.

. Yeah.

Well we I mean it's gotta
rough Japanese milk or milk.

Well, yeah, it would be milk.

But so there Shinji and Maat in the front.

We're still in the episode one.


Oh God.



Jeremy: I think we've, I think
we've stumbled into what the,

of this episode is going.

Emily: Alright, so the angel, also
known as a pop apostle, looks like

a cool burden power suit and, and
explodes things to giant crosses.

Christianity, symbolism,
angel, Evangelian.

You get it.

Subtlety is for cowards unless you
actually wanna know what's going on with

the fucking nerve and sail it anyway.

The only thing that could take
out an angel apparently, is a

giant robot called Event Gillian,
which is the title of the show.

Hooray Shin's dad, Gedo orders
his son that he has a scene

in years to get in the robot.


It's the meme.

Shinji Relatably is like, what the fuck?


. And then a mysterious blue-haired
girl lacking Mellon in named

bras wheeled out on a gurney.

She's covered in bandages
and is trailing an IV bag.

And while Shinji deliberates over this, an
explosion rocks the complex and the Avon

Gallian robot moves its hand to protect
Shinji and Ray from the falling debris.

It's some kind of miracle.

Like an angel or Yeah.

Ray also

Jeremy: already bandaged and
bleeding Falls off the thing.


Off the gurney.

So that, I will always love this
episode as like this moment especially

and this first episode, it's such
a strong opening the way and it

just sets the tone beautifully.

It is just such a dark and absolutely
brutal and disturbing deconstruction of

the ab of the unquestioned child hero.

Stumbles into the giant robot
and becomes protagonist trope.


Like the way it is, just like, Hey child
soldiers, that's some fucked shop shit.


Well, and, and like this is like
watchman to the Silver Age superhero.


Emily: the, the giant robot trope is,
is of course big in Japan at this point.

You know, we don't have as much
of the, the child and giant robot.

Well we do have child in such
and such destiny like like Flight

of the Navigator for instance.

Oh yeah.

Is kind of similar.

Because we have this kid who has
like this, all this technology and

doesn't necessarily like want it,
but it's chosen, it has chosen him.

In this case it has less to do with
bad parenting as far as I know.

And more to do with him getting
like, but there's, there's

Jeremy: a certain amount of,
the more they explain in the

show, the less it makes sense

Emily: which, which

Jeremy: part of that the
mom put her soul in a robot.

Do you not understand stand ? Yeah.

We'll consent to Jeremy.

The also a clone of God,
but different guides.


The Chingy can pilot unit one
because his mom's soul is in it.

So they're synchronizing
and working together.

And that Ray could pilot unit one
because Ray kind of is his mom or

pieces of his mom that aren't the soul.

And also eventually if you get to end
of Evange and they finally are like, no,

look, also ask his mom is in unit two.

But then they're like, ah, I
don't know if everybody else's

moms are tragically dead as well.

And that's why they can pilot things.


They're like, we have to search for it.

We haven't found the fourth child.

And I'm like, how many moms could you
have accidentally sacrificed to a robot?

None of their classmates talk about their

Emily: parents.


It is canonical.

I have founded the, the excess
material that all the kids in that

class, they say it in the show that
all the kids in that class are backup

pilots, but none of them have a mom.


So their mom is an aerobic . Yeah.

So their moms, they can only accidentally

Jeremy: kill so many mobs before.


But again, they act like, ah,
we don't know, kill people.

It's like, well, whose mom
did you feed to the robot?

This seems like something that
has to be done in advance.

I feel like you

Emily: have to have documentation
for feedings to robots.

I mean like say is pretty up there, but
let's, let's get back on track the watch.

Talk about this

Jeremy: connection.

Does you one, just pull a fucking doctor
Manhattan at the end and be like, by earth

I'm gonna be an alien God somewhere else?

Emily: Kind of.


Kind of.


You know, if the sun in the moon and
the earth could cease resist for Yeah.


Good for her.

But also queen if Ray is God at the end.


She kind is.

Yes, she is.

Have we have, we killed God a million
times by killing all of the ray

clones that were all in the plugs?


I feel like Nietzche says otherwise.


She's wrong and racist.

I think

Jeremy: that is true percent that the
Ray clones in the tank are all killed.

Cause when we get to episode 25,
all the rape heart are still just

floating in the Oh yeah, that's clone.

It's, you haven't gleaned that 23.

You're believe's funny is that
you're just letting a gross clone

gore, like at this point load.

It's just like, this
is the worst smoothie.

What the fuck are you doing

Emily: at this point?

They don't have time for that shit.

Clone tanks.

I'm pretty sure

Jeremy: the God gore,
it's the oxygen destroyer.

All the body parts floating around.

Yes, that's true.

The God butcher.

I like the idea that every time they go
down to clean it, they're like, fuck it.

We're all gonna be merged into
one single consciousness soon.


We don't have to clean

Emily: shit.


I know, right?

Like somebody on this.



Jeremy: spend, not spending my last
days as a, as a singular consciousness.

Clean clone.

Well, yeah.

The only people dead clone tanks

Emily: know about the clone tanks
are the people who are like, well,

we're all gonna become Tang anyway.

Anyway, do

Jeremy: become Tang.

That was a great visual.

I enjoy, I enjoyed that.

Becoming Tang.

Emily: Okay, so we, we don't know
any of this yet because Chichi has

just gotten in the robot , according
to our recap here, Ji in the, okay.

So Shinji gets in the robot.

It's weird.

He fights the angel badly.

He gets his shit rocked, the robot goes
berserk and brutally kills the angel.

Shinji sees a glimpse of the true
face of the robot, which is some

kind of regenerating alien eyeball.

And he screams real good.

And so

Jeremy: begins his brain gets, so I have
to, I had to say like if I a Shinji and

somebody was like, all right, we're going.

Connect your nervous system to this
robot so you feel everything that

happens, I would do my best not to
immediately get shot in the face . Yeah.

That's what happens to that
motherfucker is he like steps

out there and gets stabbed in the
stomach, gets shot in the face.

Emily: I like, that's gonna leave.

No, that's bad.

They basically bi dissect dudes cranium.

Like that's what they do with that thing.

And that's the the, and so just to,
to reiterate here he comes outta

nowhere, gets picked up by some
woman in a future Prius and she's

a, she's a disaster of a type.

Also fun.

She's she's a relatable disaster.


Love her.

And then she's like, Hey,
you're gonna work for your dad.

And she's like, my dad is a fuck.

And MISO's like, . My dad was a fuck too.

But seriously, we gotta
go like, do this thing.

You're gonna, you're gonna do a thing.

Read, read, read this, read,
read the terms and conditions.

And she's like, she was like, I'm not

Jeremy: gonna do this.

And they're like, fine.

If you, we'll get this injured
young woman over here that you've

never met who's clearly bleeding
right now to get in the robot.

Instead, we're gonna
emotionally manipulate you.

If you are a teenager and you find
yourself really relating hard to

Shinji, don't be surprised if you end
up wanting to transition into Misa to

Emily: Yep.


Yeah, there's, there's something to that.

Jeremy: Or if, if you find yourself
strongly relating to Shinji generally,

Emily: maybe therapy therapist.


You talk to somebody.

Yes, please, please.

Let's deal with trauma.

Anywhere can be heaven
if you choose to live.

Jeremy: Are you saying, Emily, hold on.

Are you saying that ooh,
heaven is a place on

Emily: earth?


If you know what that's worth?

Jeremy: They actually, they say that shit

Emily: robot and weeks out, that was an
actual spit take for everyone who doesn't.

Cool video.

Cool, cool, cool.

We got actual spit take already.

We're not even episode two.

I was pretty proud of that.


So thus begins stingy
career as an Ava pilot.

He makes some friends Ken Toge by
fucking up again and almost quitting.

He gets no rate

Jeremy: though.

He gets to meet his first friend,
the ceiling in the hospital, , which

is Oh, the unfamiliar ceiling.

His most reliable companion.



Emily: ceiling becomes
a, with that ceiling.

Yeah, he, well he, he gets
to know a lot of ceilings.

Jeremy: They keep that in the, the
rebuild, but they, they lose the one

part of it I love, which is there's,
after like the third time he ends

up in the, cause the first time he
is like, oh, this is a new ceiling.

But the third time he is
like, I hate this ceiling.

Emily: Yeah.

Would you not?

Jeremy: It's a, it's a fetish.

It's his, he has a ceiling fetish.

He's always like, ah,

Emily: ceiling or say

Jeremy: Godammit.

Emily: That's nothing.

That's nothing.

Jeremy: Soon.

Spends a lot of time laying on his
back whether he is injured or not.

So like he gets no signals real well,

Emily: Yeah.

There's a lot of, there's a lot
of very important familiar and

unfamiliar ceilings in this.

Jeremy: Also.

He hates Babs cuz he has to, there's
nothing to do but think and that's bad.



, which again, if you relate to that part
of Shinji, see a therapist, they're all

like, I don't wanna, baby I'm lying.

Take a shower.

Very hard to find one in network.


Emily: know it's Japan, but just take
shower, just take a quick shower.

You're gonna have to, anyway, the
soak is, you know, for your, for your

bones take a breath for the pain.

I'm not getting there.

So Ray Pen, pen, , jy gets to know Ray,
the mysterious blue haired girl without

Jeremy: me gets to know
Ray . I really wish End of Aon

Gallian had ended with Pen.

Pen also appearing like
has that it disappear.

Get to the,

Emily: he appears in the last
day of a movie and there's like a

whole flock of pen pens, . Yeah.

And that is the saving
grace of that franchise,

Jeremy: right?

It's like you have to
choose your individuality.

I like to think pen, pen
in like three seconds.

It's like, yeah.

What up?

I'm back.

Pen pens.

Emily: Exactly.



Pen pens.

Like, I'm gonna manifest right now to this

Jeremy: tag.

I'm the most psychologically
healthy character in this

whole fucking friend pen.

Far enough freaking way.

. Yeah.


I well believe.

Emily: Yeah.

So, Shinji does, I mean,
Shinji knows, gets to know Ray

as much as anybody can know.

Ray, unfortunately, by invading
her home and assaulting her it's

an accident, but it's still awful
for everyone, including you.

But then they bond over
fighting the giant Okta role.

It was the last one.

Jeremy: Entity boundaries
with teenagers, but theist.


It will not be . Yeah.

Be a recurring element,

Emily: in fact.

But let's not forget Shouldn, she stops,
helps to stop a sabotage automated

robot from stepping on the government.

She'll let it happen.

Sh she but Micato is in it.

So I'll last just, just
reach in and save her.

That's, that's the new rebuild

Jeremy: reach when you, back when
you turn into Tang, it's fine.

It's fine.

It's, it's fine.


Emily: fine.

But if a thing exploded, if
the, if the JetLine exploded.

It would've been yet another apocalypse.

We're just like jumping from
apocalypse to apocalypse.

You know, there's, it's
sliding scales here.

Jeremy: Did the, I mean,
they think this is bad.

Wait until they get to 2016

Emily: That's actually when
the next, when after the third

Jeremy: impact, I feel like knowing
it to November, I, I feel like

though knowing Ivanian to be like
Misa, like Misa to comes back,

but she's still shot and exploded.

Emily: She's still in half.

Maybe we are Tang though, and maybe,
maybe this is what has happened.

Maybe 2016 just turned us all into t Yeah.

We're just experiencing a dream
within the imagination of ourselves.


Jeremy: the Jetta one,
like a callback to Jaguar?

Emily: Probably.

I mean, I think that's why
it's called the Jet Alone.

It's alone because it
doesn't have a pilot.

That episode is pretty rad actually,
because it shows a lot of macado

and Resco just being bad asses.


. And, and Shinji is kind of like
side to that, but you know, this

show isn't just about teenagers.

It's all, it's also about bureaucracy.

All of the fun shit.

Jeremy: Well, I do like that that
episode is the start of like all of

the like shadowy, interagency, like
kind of shadow war going on in the

background that ends up not really,
doesn't really matter what nerve does

cuz they're like, all right, guns.


Emily: Yeah.

Okay, so, Shinji now settles into
his life, cooking and cleaning for

Macado, befriending her, and also her
intellectual house, penguin pen, pen,

and nagging her to Kenzie Ske and Toi,
who think that she's totally hot . And

also somewhat reconciled with Ray.

A new challenger appears.

Yes, it's Oscar and actually
enthusiastic Ava pilot who's

just as shipped in from Germany.

She's on a US military armada with
Mao's former Squeeze the callus

asshole we know as Rio Gi Kaji.

Ben: Anytime Oscar and Kaji are
on screen, you can just faintly

hear the sound of the polices.

Don't stand so close to me.

Emily: Yeah.

Oscar's really into Kaji.

She's hot for teacher in a particular way
and Kaji is at least having none of that.

He's too busy.

Ben: Kaji is a boundary crossing slut
bag who's really soul redeeming quality

is that he is maybe the only adult
character who displays no weird sexual

hangups towards teenage characters.

Emily: It's true.

It's such when, except when
he asks Gingy out for a drink.

That's a good point.


Sorry folks.


No, he's straight up creepy.


Jeremy: just seems like somebody's
girlfriend had a crush on Spike

from Cowboy Bebo, and they were
just like, this guy fucking sucks.

What if this guy was real?

He would suck like this.

He would be like this guy

Emily: He is kind of the evil.

He'd just be

Jeremy: a real creeper.

He smokes cigarettes.


And leans against walls.

That doesn't mean he's a nice guy.


He grows watermelons, . He does
grow watermelons and is honestly the

best rail, the best rail mo model.

The best male role model that she has.


Emily: It's just, just because the bar is
subterranean and then no one trips over

it doesn't actually make it a good bar.

Yeah, . That's a good point.


Jeremy: it's a, the bar is
as deep as central dogma.



Emily: dogma.

Even that dogma too, that terminal dogma.

The lowest one, even

Jeremy: low, not even lower
than Kevin Smith's dogma.

Oh God.

. Yeah.

Fucking got you there.

Didn't I?

, I mean, you were ready for the Ben
still from the Pento Ben Affleck movie

Emily: where he

Jeremy: was an angel.

He's the main villain of that film.

Oh, of

Emily: course.

I really wanna see Shinji
like open him up and eat him.

In the infant alien or just, anyway
um, Kaji is there Oscar, you

Jeremy: dad really describes
most of the episodes.


Emily: Cod's there.

Kaji is theres it episode where
I was like, it gets rough.

Jeremy: He's the first episode
where I was like, yes, this

is the robot fighting show.

I was promised this giant red robot
is jumping on top of like, all these,

you know, aircraft carriers and
fighting this angel across the ocean.

I was like, this shit right here,
this is what people told me this

Emily: show is.

Yeah, there's about maybe
five episodes of that.


Jeremy: a real stretch of like
episode like nine to 15 that like,

man, things are looking up for our
characters and we got robot fights.


. And then the evil circle
appears . Things go.

So we already old dark after that.

Emily: We got the evil diamond.

Now we have a big shark angel,
and they do some stuff and yeah.

And sh she gets into Oscar's outfit
and it's, it's probably something in

inside of him is starting to click.

Things have awakened.



Those, the, the cracks in that
circle are starting to, you know,

the chick will die before it's born.

If it doesn't patch from,

Jeremy: it doesn't help that one of the
nerve staff, like the lady who has a

big old crush on Ritz go really fucking
looks like shining like two years into RT

Oh my God.


Emily: So much.


Bless Herher soul.

Yeah, those poor, poor bastards.

Those three, the three, like the
three named the three named, yeah.

The nerve like Enns that are
always like, they're basically

red shirts that last a really long

Jeremy: time.

I love how when they turn in, when
they turn into Tang, two of them

get turned into Tang by their crush.

And I guess if you're asexual,
you just get like a whole bunch

of weird rays coming after you.

Emily: Maybe he was into that . Maybe.

I, I mean he was into guitar.

Jeremy: He should stay Tang.

You stay Tang you.

Oh yeah.

It's a,

Emily: it's a Bie Alba
and Huga the other one.

Huga, yes.


There was a bunch of people in this
show who were better office tank

or we are better off with them.

We're all at better office tank.


I think that's the moral oldest story.

. So, Kaji cheeses, it and egos stack
to nerve to give Gand fes trapped

a fes a fetus trapped in jelly.

And apparently it is the thing that
causes second impact code named Adam.

Yes, folks.

It wasn't a meteor striking Antarctica,
like everyone was told more on that later.

Shinji and OCA learned to get
along through several trust

exercises like learning dance and
scuba dive in magma, while also

fighting more big monster angels.

They team up with Ray while the power
goes out at nerve and the angel attacks.

Everyone bonds a bit more in
this very special episode.

Ultimate team up sends the
three kids on a suicide mission.

Misa wants to prevent a giant angel from
Des destroying the entire city from orbit.

It is successful and they just
destroy a whole mountain instead.

So good job guys.

We get to go out for ramen, We get
some spotlight on reco ka badass

scientists and keeper of secrets
and nurse entire shit together.

She uses the nerve super
computer, the match eye.

That is also her mom.

A lot of moms as that is
also the central government.

Like that's the council.

That's the decision making part.

They've totally handed over all decision
making to the computer, but it's like

Jeremy: three parts of I mom.

Like this is me as a woman.

This is me as a scientist.

This is me as a ho like

Emily: No, it's ho scientist mother.



Now, I don't wanna, I don't wanna shame
uh, Rica's mom cuz she's also a badass.

But Gdo

Jeremy: no.


Glen's the fucking worst.

He's the worst first.

Oh my God.

Go for some reason.

Why chin beard?

Emily: Why?

You can't fix him.

Girl can't.


They're trying to fix him.

He's not a project's,

Jeremy: not fixable.


Always just known a man with tendon
glasses that tenses his fingers

Emily: all the time.


And he's misogynistic

Jeremy: and just, and Like,

Emily: maybe just that Dick

Jeremy: ISO is in a red flag.

GDO is what they dip the
flags in to dye them red


was like, I always wanted a dude
who drove my mom to suicide.


Emily: And murdering a child apparently.



So there's an angel.

It's like a hacker tries to hack in and
then, and then reco uses her mom computer

conference computers to hack the angel
back and make it evolve into being dead.

Which is how that works.


Thank you, Jamie.

Oh my God.

Jeremy: The planet that
computers, it's in that place.

I put that thing, that
time Material Killer


Emily: Zero loops you a cool

Jeremy: fucking pool on the roof.

Must have a leap acid burn floor.


Emily: Mom, get you a beautiful Christmas

All right, so

Jeremy: the little boat goes Ghost . . But

Emily: you know, one of the
most common passwords is God.

Jeremy: Hackers predicted Evangel.


Emily: I, they came, they
came out the same year.


Jeremy: What would I tell you?

Live action.

Aon Gallian remake, they force you to use
white people, but Matthew Lard plays Gdo

Emily: I, no.

Matthew Lard plays Kaji.


There we are.

I don't think Matthew Leard could do it.

Like he's just too, I feel like they'd

Jeremy: force you to make like Haji, like
fucking, like Ansel Elcor or some shit.

You were talking about a live action,
like Whatta was doing one for,

Emily: for a while, like
I'm pretty sure, sure.

That was somebody who was friends
with somebody at Whatta and they were

like, cause that was, that was I'll.

I, I'll get into that.

Cause I was, I was on the
forums when they were talking.

Ah, okay.


So they hack the planet.

It's great.

Feel kinda like God.

Uh, We find out the names
of some of the angels.

That's great.

You know, Um, But then one

Jeremy: of the names, yeah.

Oh, don't forget, they know all these
names because the Dead Sea Scrolls, which

they found just laid out step by step
instructions on how all this shit goes

Emily: down.


Apparently the Dead Sea Scrolls
is like, okay, you're gonna

bake a robot by cloning God.




I don't know what it's supposed to mean,
but you'll figure it out eventually.

Jeremy: And then they're like,
it should be 17 and only 17.


Emily: Yes.

Jeremy: Angels seven.

Not just 17.

No, now 17 Angels.

Emily: 17 angels, yeah.

And then there's a third impact.

And I forgot to now in that sentence.

So why was there no first.

No, the first impact was the one.


Well the

Jeremy: first impact is that is the first
impact, the one that killed the dinosaurs.

And that's where humans
came from technically.

Emily: But then the first

Jeremy: impacts uh, yes,
I'm kind of understanding

Emily: things.

the first impact they say in the show
is the meteor that killed the dinosaurs.

Because the second impact, according
to everybody's propaganda that most

people know about, was a meteor that hit
Antarctica and like fucked everything

up in terms of like the, the ocean.

Like You know, there was, it's
climate change, but it wasn't

Jeremy: a meteor, it was pollution.


Emily: was, it wasn't a meteor,
it was pollution from another

Jeremy: planet.

It was the block street,
an exploding angel nft.


Emily: patriarch angel.

The time

Jeremy: explode or did it just stand up?


Emily: exploded.


So there are angel bits all over
the world and in the atmosphere

and we're breathing it in.

Well, sort of in

Jeremy: real life they there.

Not in the show in real life right now.

Well that's, I mean

Emily: that's what, that's
what NXTs are us the podcast.

Jeremy: Right?

Well see the Ethereum
symbol is that Diamond.

So it's the entity.


Emily: is, it is Ramel.

. But don't fucking do Ramel dirty that way.

Jeremy: They might my coin
or I'll make Ray trade again.

Emily: And why does Ramel have
a penis drill to get to Nerf

Jeremy: trying to buy the dip ? Yes.

I mean I do like how it felt very power
rangers, by which I mean Sendi in that

way where it's just like, oh, of course
all the monsters are just going to.

The one city that the
giant robots live in.

Cuz that's how we have our
monster verse robot show.

Otherwise you couldn't have it.

And I just say for granted that happens
in one city and then how late in the

game they explain like, no, the robot,
they're all coming here for one specific

reason and they're all evolving, trying
to be better at doing this specific goal.



I mean there's actually, we have our
angel who active down there in this city.

Emily: Yeah, yeah, yeah.

And then everyone's like, what the book?

And meanwhile all of the people
living there in that city are

like, we're just doing our jobs.

There was a meteor.

Jeremy: Oh, what is the of longs?

Emily: It was it was wrapped up with Adam.

There's one that comes with Adam
and one that comes with the Lilith

and they have to use it in order
to keep the, angel from exploding.

Jeremy: Although if you're talking
historically like what is the sphere

of longus, it's honestly the fear
that the, that the Roman guy used to

pierce the side of Christ as Christ
was on the cross causing him to bleed.

Well that just feels like overkill.

You've already nailed him to a cross.

Emily: I enough to make sure he was dead.

Jeremy: I'm just, if you watch
enough Indiana Jones , it has

magical powers because it got
shroud, it got Jesus blood on it.


Emily: It's like the shroud and the ground

Jeremy: like what Jesus blood would do or
would that, or would that make it magic

where that just make it covered in wine?

Emily: Right.

It depends.

I mean although he did, he changed what
Moodys in water to wine . So Jesus.

But the white blood, it's true there.

Jeremy: Jesus's the magic of
Jesus as blood has less rules

than fucking Harry Potter . I had
a question about the geo front.


So when they're fighting in the
city, are they fighting in the geo

front or are they fighting up top?

Emily: They're fighting up top, yeah.


They're, so for the most
part they're up top.

In swell,

Jeremy: they say they're
fighting in the geo.

The one in episodes when I think
that when Shinji retires for like

the third time, and then he finds Ka
G's watermelon garden and Cjis like,

well, if I'm gonna die, I'm gonna die.

Garden in watermelons is the watermelon
garden in the geo front or the head top?

That's in the geo front.

Then I, then I have a design problem
because nowhere in any of the shots

of the geo front do we see an elevator
that would take the Ava to top

Emily: side.

Yeah, they do.

They're, you see 'em, they're like,
they're, you can see them kind of,

Jeremy: are they far away?

Is it like a distance thing?

Emily: Cause like Yeah, there's like a
bunch of, you can see elevators going here

and there kind of like escalating things.

. Yeah.

You see versions of that in
the car escalator for Asado.

Oh, okay, okay, okay.

In the beginning.

And then also when they show
the, like, the background,

like the, the birth of nerve

can we talk about property
values here though?

Jeremy: the thing that's wild to me
is the fact that like, I think it's

episode three or four, the one where
like, Suha and the other kid end

up getting in the robot eventually.



, they're like, here is how all
of Tokyo three goes underground.

Every time there's a fight, like
all the high rises go down through

the earth and then they're just sort
of like hanging above the geo front

and then they just stop doing that.

Well, obviously it's fighting in
the city as it, you know, amongst

the, amongst the high rises.

They're like, that's really, that's
why it never made any sense to me.

Like, why would you introduce this
to not doing anything with it?

Emily: Because it's the city and
the infrastructure sucks and they

can't have construction season
because they always have angels.

So clearly, clearly the mechanism

Jeremy: has broken.

Those are really boring to have
them fight in an open space.

. I like how quickly they went from
like, oh, an angel showed up.

But you know, that happens
like once every like 15 years.

We got time to prepare and
then it's like, ah, fuck.

They are coming like weekly now,

Emily: shit.


So not all of the buildings go down.

Some of them stay up because they
house giant fucking Ava guns.

That's right, that's right.


So, I'm sorry, decoy buildings.

Can you imagine like the damage on your
tires trying to drive through that city?

Cause like that is
pothole crater nonsense.


They have a whole like in
raised neighborhood where she

lives in those shitty barracks.

The, the road is all
like cracked and shit.

Jeremy: It's not much.

But I do appreciate the screen time.

We get dedicated to discussing
nerves, operational budget,

Emily: Yeah, no, I mean like
seriously teens and bureaucracy.

It's funny to me

Jeremy: both, both in the show and
in the rebuilds that like the first

time they do a thing, they're like,
here is five minutes of how this works

and we are just gonna double lots
of bullshit over the top of this.

It's like, yes, this is retracting and
then this is retracting and then this

is going off and it's like, All right.

We get it.

And they're like, we know we're never
gonna show you this stuff again.

We just want you to know that like
there's a whole weird frame thing.

Dino THMs need to connect.

once we show it to you once, you'll just
assume it's, we're doing it every time.


It takes a lot of money to animate all
this, except the whole umbilical cables.

And the effect I always love is whenever
they fall, but then they have like

afterburn engines, so they like crush
anything and they have like a soft

landing despite being fucking gigantic.

Yeah, right.

Every time it always makes me a little
like giddy in just the way, like anytime

you're showing me eighties or nineties
anime of just machinery, I'm like

a baby that you're dangling keys in
front of . That's like so many bulbs.

There's and moving parts.

Oh, there is

Emily: a lot of consideration here.

Yeah, there's a lot of engineer.

Jeremy: The little things they caught
me, I think more in the rebuild than

anything because like, there's just a,
a section where like they're shooting

one of the giant Ava guns and like
you can see the like casings from the

bullets crushing cars beneath them.

Oh yeah.

It's like, oh shit,
that sounds about right.

That would happen, wouldn't it?

Your insurance doesn't cover that man.

Emily: Yeah, they sort
of show that in the show.

They show like a, a giant like conveyor
belt of shells that are the size of

cars, like going up into a building.

So mm-hmm.

, you, you get this stuff in
the, in the background, in

the atmosphere and everything.

And that's one of the delightful
things about the show is that you have

a very, very well thought out world.

I mean, there are some holes.

Jeremy: I feel like I have one 800 foot
elevator, or if your shit gets wrecked

by an eva, That should either count as
an act, God on your insurance, or just

be literally no, you live in Tokyo.


You live in Tokyo.


You don't get insurance,

Emily: nobody buy, nobody
sells insurance to you.

Like why do you live there?


You would have to pay me to live there.


I love how,

Jeremy: like, this is what I'm
talking property values, man.

Like the series like shin's class
gets smaller and smaller as more,

more people are like, yeah, this
city fucking sucks and there's

horrible war here all the time.


Emily: decide and this director
guy's looking at me weird.

I need to get out.

Jeremy: on Tokyo five.

Thank you.

Emily: Yeah, call me when it's Tokyo 12.

Um, So yeah, so we just got
past our, our recap episode.

Ray trips out and we start
thinking, we start seeing how Ray

sees the world and it's weird.

And then Shinji is placed.

She got great drugs.

Yeah, she got the good drugs.

And then Shinji tries some of
Ray drugs too much for him.


, he's placed in AV Unit Zero to see
if he can pilot it um, he can't.

That's that.

And that is weird.

Do we have an

Jeremy: explanation for
what the fuck Unit Zero is?

Emily: Okay, so Unit zero is
basically like another Ray, but it

does like this feedback loop thing
with Ray cause it has all her fucking

Jeremy: trauma in it, but it's
like I assume they shoved a

different ray clone into it so Ray
could sync up with her own clone.

It's a giant And that's actually you Armor
and then you put a ray inside the Ray

Yeah, I think, oh dog,
we heard you like Ray.

Oh no I can't do an exhibit.

Pimp your ride mean what the fuck?

I just send me to an old folks home,
take me out back and put like, just

take me out back old yellow style.

I'm too old.

You have to do it.

Her trauma is so powerful, it
can make a giant robot move.


Emily: well, like I have a theory
about Ray, like every time you see

her, you know, where she's all bandaged
up and bloodied up and whatever, like

they're just pitching that one out and
replacing it with a new clone, right?

Like straight up.

That's not the same ray
through the whole series.


So there's three different Ray.

There's the ray that was
killed by Roots Go's mom.


whose, whose soul I believe is in, is
what is really like running Ava Unit.


Jeremy: Makes sense.

Ava Ray, she talks shit and caught hands.

Emily: Yes.

Um, Fuck around and find out.

She sure did.

Jeremy: You did Ray one.


Fucking found out

Emily: Ray, Ray two is the one that,
was it the tag that she said Old hat?


Old boss.

Jeremy: Yeah.

Old Look Rich goes' Mom
is like Michael Jordan.

And then she was like, fuck them kids.

specifically this kid right here.


I thought you were gonna go
with she called me an all ha

and I took that personally.

She thinks it very personally . I
straight up meed her like this is, I'm

like, imagine just being like, oh boy.

Another week of my giant
robot action show like Uhoh.

Here's the scene where a woman
strangles a child death and then

throws herself to her death.

I feel like Rego's mom
knew it was a clone.

Yes, she did.

Oh yeah.

So she was like, well I could
kill it cuz it's not a real thing.

And then she killed it and then
she was like, yeah, I did kill

Emily: a thing That felt more
murdering than I would've

Jeremy: liked it.


That was no boyo.

I need to not be here.

I really did feel her stop breathing
and her heart stopped beating.


Emily: And that was rough.


I thought for a second there I was
gonna enjoy it and I really did not.

I'm, she's like the should been.


And it wasn't,

Jeremy: not gonna build
the fourth computer.

That's like me, the
murderer, . Maybe, maybe

Emily: we stop at three

Jeremy: me up.

Upload any d c on this bitch.

Yeah, that would've been crazy.

Well, we built this No

Emily: DLC on the mag, this fourth

Jeremy: supercomputer, but it just
keeps telling us to strangle a child

Emily: I'm surprised

Jeremy: that REIT goes fourth.




Resco is that fourth computer that
just there to strangle a child.

Emily: Right?

She's like, I didn't strangle one.

I fucking obliterated like 12 of them.

Look, everybody's gotta
outshine their folks, right?

. Yeah.

Reko like went be beyond
and above and and beyond.

Look, the measure of success is, did you
do better than the previous generation?

nailed it.

Jeremy: Reko really ups her child
murder game in the uh, in the remakes.

You're gonna say

Emily: She sure does.

Jeremy: it's kind of inspiring in a way.

Like you think you've hit your limits,
but then you just push forward and

you find new amounts of race to kill.

I mean,

Emily: anywhere can be
heaven if you choose to live

Jeremy: when you get a cool new edgy
haircut and you know, just oh, and

an awesome plug suit with like cat.

Emily: Oh yeah.

They're little fucking plug suits.

I'm conflicted about that.

But they're um, . It's all good.

Jeremy: That's a good ass design, man.

Emily: I, yeah, no,
the designs are fucking

Jeremy: sweet.


I ain't gonna lie.

But Emily, think about how much money
they'll make selling pillows and statues.

Emily: Listen, okay, so there's
a whole thing, Emily, think

Jeremy: of the money

Emily: I'm because so fucking hide.

This is why I can't stay
mad at this asshole.

Cause he used all that money to fund
a bunch of independent animators.

He basically used, yeah, he basically
used like all the Evangel Gillian rebuild

money to like put on these new animation
expos to fund like new studios and shit.

And I'm like

Jeremy: our horniness for art.

I I what a hear

Emily: your charge of Evangelian.

Got me again.

Jeremy: is her Ava a cent in rebuild?

She had like a four-legged pink cent.

Ava or am I hallucinating that?

There is a cent?

Emily: Might have been.

There's a lot of drugs there might have.

Mari's is a

Jeremy: center kind of.

Yeah, that's the one.

Emily: Yeah, there was one.


So yeah.


Jeremy: let's talk about Mari later.

Cause , let's talk about
here in this series.

That's okay.

, I dunno,

Emily: right?

So rated drugs, shouldn, she did
race drugs and that didn't work out.

That was pretty weird, right?

Well buckle up your hands and
arms beside the vehicle cuz shit

is about to get the wackest.

Shouldn't you get

Jeremy: eaten

Emily: by a shadow?


Shay gets eaten by Peter Pan's shadow.

Um, This is an angel whose body is
actually an alternate dimension.

He starts stripping out and uh, relate.


I mean, that's what happens when I
get eaten by an alternate dimension.

Jeremy: I, I meant my body
as an alternate dimension.

Emily: Sometimes your body is a
wonder in Jeremy this is my sea

of direct's, what I call God.

I see AAC is up here.

Jeremy: Oh god.



Emily: the Ava frees itself
by going berserk Ray.

and everyone else is like, oh, that's
what it's like when Ava goes berserk.

That's fucked up man.


Jeremy: we find out go to
move is like, shit's fucked.

Go berserk.


And then shit, you can spend a
nice time looking at ceiling coon.


Emily: ceiling coon.

that's his ultimate role.


Jeremy: ceiling never
abandon you Shinji ship.

So, oh my god.

Shinji of the ceiling.

Emily: Oh my gosh.

Shinji Seal Coon.


Jeremy: is, what is their name?

Like what is their, like
their ship name ceiling Coon.

And she, she, she

Emily: So now we also find out
that Kaji is a triple agent.

Because Ner the private company
that is the sole provider of giant

robots that might fight monsters,
that also gorse and explode shit.

And it's benefactor sail,
aka the Illuminati are kind

of suss um, shocked the

Jeremy: shock space.

Everyone in this show was

Emily: stopped.

Yeah, everyone was the bad guy all along.

. That's why we can't have privatized.


Jeremy: you the German
man made of robot parts?

Can't be trusted to fuse humanity
into one big jello globe.

I need to trust the guy that's
actively trying to rape you

as you're telling him not to.

Oh, that's the guy you trust,

Emily: So at this point another
AVA unit is shipped in from the us.

This one doesn't come with
AAU American pilot sadly.

But instead we get Togi.

Shinji doesn't find out about this
actually until after his unit.

One ex eviscerates the shit out
of the in angel infested unit

three as scandal sets the new
experimental automated pilot program.

The dummy system.

Jeremy: No, this is unit four
because unit three blew the fuck

up then unit three, blow the

Emily: fuck up.

No, this is unit three, unit four.

Blew the fuck up.

Jeremy: Unit four blew the fuck up.

Emily: Who knows?

They think it was another direct sea

Jeremy: again.

Yeah, there's really stuff
mattering at this point.

I like how they're like, did an
angel attack and they're like, nah,

and someone fucked up and that's

Emily: an American problem.

We're here in Tokyo.


We need to do our shit.


So yeah, fair, fair.

Toi survives barely even though
unit one like crushes the entry

plug in his hand, Toi loses a leg
and that's the less we see of him.


Jeremy: is like one of the few points
in this movie where I was like, I get

where Shinji is coming from in this
thing because like I know a lot of this

show Shinji Pens going, but I don't want
to save everybody in the giant robot.

I know I'll die if I don't,
but it's gonna really suck.

And this one, he's like, no,
there's somebody in that other Ava,

like, I don't wanna destroy it.


And his dad's like, fuck him.

I'm taking control of it.

Break the fucking thing
and kill the pilot.

Like it's, it's not like they just stop
at stopping the Ava, it's like, take

out the entry plug and fucking crush it.

It's like,

Emily: why, why though?

Jeremy: Why Kind's a real fuck.

That's why Kendo wants to
win all the bad Dad awards.

He's the worst.

Emily: Like he is the actual

Jeremy: worst.


And he might, the fast forward to worst

Emily: dad.

He does, he's going right tot town.


. Well he's, yeah, that's, I hate
it when people wanna do that.

It's like, I just wanna Netflix and chill.


Do we all have to be Tang immediately?

Like, gotta get it.

The board is efficient, but, and

Jeremy: you know,

he only had one Tang in his life
and he wants to get back to that

Emily: Tang.

That's, there's something to be
said for a, you know, a little bit

of a group thing and it, you know,
it takes a village and all of that.

Like, I'm on board.


I get you.

I, but maybe, maybe we go a
scooch too far into Tang Town.


Just so Scooch Chingy quits at
this point for reveals this time.

He's like, , this violates so many codes.

Jeremy: this the one where he threatened
to like, stomp on nerve and destroy it?

Like, That was in the rebuild.

Oh, that was, that was in the rebuild.


Just to, he threatens to go rogue.

And then he gets fired by his dad.


He threatens his dad's
like, you fucking idiot.

I just showed you I could
take control of your robot.

What the fuck are you doing?


And he's like, no, I'm not gonna
let you take control of, and he's

like, then I'm gonna up the pressure
until you pass out and stupid.


Like, that's right.

Get outta the robot.

Emily: Shinji.

Yeah, I know.

So Kendall is all, get in the robot.

Jeremy: Shinji.

Get outta the roboty.

Now you want me to get in the roboty?

I thought you wanted me
to get in the robot dad.

Emily: uhy quits.

But unfortunately this coincides
with an attack of the baddest, at

the baddest access angel so far.

Who kills the shit out of everything
with the cunning use of explosions?

Toilet paper, . After Ray and Oscar are
down Unit one rejects the dummy system

and will only function for stingy.

And this is where gdo first refers to
this robot as UE the name of Shin's.


Jeremy: mom.


Emily: You only have Shinji.

How Yui.


So Shinji gets in the robot again.


At West.


Pib Ballistic Mama bear.



Jeremy: doesn't even like you.

Kendall gdo.

Emily: She just wants is this for son?

This whole show could have been
like a completely different

direction if she had just like,

Jeremy: you know, women will literally
shove their soul in a giant robot

rather than go to couples therapy

Emily: screw couples therapy brush
gdo in your giant robot hand.

Jeremy: Something happens.

I love the episode where she.

Unit one is just punching the
glass, trying to just punch

through and punch Gdo to death.

Emily: Yeah.

Shinji gets in the robot the he
saves the world by going the most

beest ever he shuffles around like
a crazy beast, eats enemy angel.

He's then absorbed completely
by unit one, which is apparently

a thing that can happen.

Jeremy: He's just so good at piloting.

He stops having a body which ends
up becoming a major plot point.

Look, it's just pre

Emily: Tang, Tang . Yeah.

He becomes Tang.

He just

Jeremy: goes back into his mom is what I

Emily: was, this is what I'm saying.

Jeremy: He literally gets reborn
imagery until it's like, becomes

like so important for the ending.

Emily: Yeah.

So they use a bunch of technology to
try to get him to re manifest his body.

And this is where some of the best
techno B I've ever heard in, in

science fiction occurs where they try
to find his ego border to , make him.

Manifest his body by sending out like
pings to, to make him recognize that

he's a person and they have all these
amazing graphs of where he is on the,

if you look at the graphs really close,
there's one that's like ego ID is the

X and then the Y is libido des trudo

Jeremy: And

Emily: apparently you're either or dead.

And this is Freud, folks.

Jeremy: I mean, I feel like in
the case of Kaji, you can be both

Emily: K's,

Jeremy: he of every man in the, I
feel like, I feel like Misau also

ended up both horny and dead . Yeah.

Both of them

Emily: went all the way, like
so beyond the libido border that

they went back to this right

Jeremy: around dead.

I love how their theory
of their relationship was.

We're so fucking terrible for ourselves.

Maybe we'll be good
for each other somehow.

Emily: That's same logic, . So,
you know, two, two negatives.

Make a positive.

I don't know.

Two Libidos make Aru maybe.

I mean in this case it did.


Psychologists tell me.

So what they're going to tell you is
that this whole thing is a cry for help.


Jeremy: yes.

That's what the show is like.


I mean it's a's cry for help.


On a little level.


Deep Biden.

This show is like, hey, a, you kind of
didn't animate your last two episodes.

you got something you
wanna talk about buddy?


Emily: a hug?

Joss Whedon has something to learn about
punishing your fans for wanting more show.


With Endo vanian.

Like that was, I mean, whew.


Jeremy: anyway, I feel like Ja needs
to learn more about punishing himself.

Ana is clearly punishing himself too
much, but somewhere between the two is

the correct amount to punish yourself.


Emily: That's, yeah.

That's valid.

And all of that, that whole thing
from Joss Whedon to AO therapy.


Anyway, so they do, they do manage
to get shinji to re manifest

him himself as reborn kind of
shot out of the the core Oh.

Jeremy: Of his mother of happened
as a result of a pep talk from

is it Ray or something like that.

They're in like, somebody is
like, Hey, Shinji would really

like to, to see you again.


Valid bro.

Emily: Ms.

Soto tries of

Jeremy: a boner.

I have to re manifest so I have it.

Emily: Yeah.

He though, because he
really doesn't have any this

Jeremy: and Shinji is
just utter inability.

To comfort each each other.



Like, just like

Emily: Misa tries, Micato

Jeremy: tries, Misso goes
from hugging to let's fuck.

And, and shin's like, slow down micato
tries, quotes around, tries and likes

to think of herself as going to be a
caretaker role, but then like within

20 seconds of dealing with Shinji and
any of his depressive mood, she just

gets really fed up and angry with him.

And being like, that is also true.

This is exposing too much
of my own insecurity.

Can't fuck you.

I'm out.

Get in the robot.

Emily: so Chinchy is back.

Everything's back to normal.



Just kidding.

Everything's terrible.

We get some exposition about nerve.

So Masada was in Antarctica
when it exploded.

She was the only survivor.

She was uh, aphasic for a while
and then got better question mark.

Um, She

Jeremy: also had a bad dad who
was researching stuff there

and got killed, but saving her.

Emily: Yes.


. Um, that is an important, have complex
feelings about the whole thing.


The Illuminati funded Shinji mom
to put the whole Van Gillian thing

in motion with her cool ideas.

Reese's mom.

We, we talked about that Strangles
young Ray dies leaving Brisco to

take her place as the chief engineer.

G's a fuck.

Now back to present day, Sayle is mad at
G and the UN is mad at sa and everybody's

mad at Kaji for all the spying.

Kaji gets shot and he buys it
with a chill shrug that he indeed

fucked around and found out

I knew it and it was, it was
totally Macado shot his ass.

We don't have to like
fuck around with that.


Jeremy: yeah, yeah, yeah.

Well, like that's what I thought and
I was really surprised like reading

stuff about the show that like.

Apparently ano and some of the other
people were like, oh no, it was just

somebody, it was just somebody that killed

Emily: me.

No, it's gotta be, it's no,
they're, they're fucking with us.

And it was like,

Jeremy: I'm pretty sure that
that's how it was set up.

And that's why she's so fucked up
about the whole thing she doesn't

think, doesn't think Kaji is missing.

She's like, no, he's fucking dead.

Yeah, yeah, yeah.

I was, I was really surprised
to read stuff where they were

like, well, you know, it's, we
we're not really sure who did it.

It was just somebody.

And it's

Emily: like, really?

Though, don't think

Jeremy: so.

We, we sure.

We sure.

That makes a story more bad.

Emily: I feel confident in this
. It's basically Anna being like,

that's not important right now.

Y'all, the important part is anywhere
can be heaven if you choose to

live, but we always repeat history

So anywhere can be heaven if you're Tang.


Meanwhile, Oscar's pissed that
she's so rad but can't seem to do

anything cool without Chingy there.

She gets real depressed and then
a big wing angel shows up and

tries to high five from the ie.

But it does it so hard that it
brings back all her childhood trauma.

And uh, we find out that her mom
had a psychotic break and committed

suicide when Oscar was little and

Jeremy: they put her in a rub.

Emily: Yeah.

Well, the reason that she had a psychotic
break was because they did the contact

experiment, which is where they put
you in the robot and then like most

of their soul got put in the robot.


Her soul, soul was in there.

but her, like her brain
just couldn't handle it.

So that's why she had the psychotic break.

And then she was, she also was, was
referring to a doll as Oscar and wouldn't

actually recognized Oscar as her daughter.

and then when she committed suicide, she
hung the doll as well, thinking that she

was also killing her daughter with her.

So Oscar has a lot of
com complexes about that.

, yeah.

I mean, fair.


Jeremy: again, I'm not exactly sure how
souls work where you give your soul to

a giant God clone robot, but then your
soul just around being post lobotomy.

Emily: Yeah, that's, I think there's
some cybernetic digitizing of,

information there that's going on
because, um, I'm hearing you don't

Jeremy: really remember 2020 Very well

Emily: Does anyone really
Exactly I how that felt.

Some robot has 2020 in it.

Jeremy: All of the moms
are ghosts in the shell.


Emily: to singularity.


Jeremy: The mom.

It's part of my soul That was
in a robot for all of 2020.

That's all I know.


What if the real mom isn't the real moms?

The ones we piloted along the way?

Oh, Jesus Christ.

I dunno, I don't

Emily: like that.

That's the name of the
episode right there,

So because of this this
trauma, understandably,

Oscar's like can't beat that.

So Ray comes out with the mysterious
lance of longness and throws it so

hard that it turns the angel inside
out and gets stuck on the moon.

And Sal's mad about
this because of reasons.

Ray confronts her own issues as
the next angel tries to absorb

her and she explodes herself.

We find out that Ray is a cologne
and her soul is uh, downloaded

periodically uh, into the giant brain
computer there, which is essentially

like her throne of the soul.

Which is that thing that she's always
in, like the weird kind of test tube that

she's in that's at the base of that, that
giant brain structure and terminal dogma.

And that's what they use
for the dummy system.

Shinji finds out all of this and watches
Resco ice the shit out of all of these

ray clones that are basically like blank
ray bodies ready to be downloaded into.

Just like the current Ray, who is
the next iteration of Ray after

the previous one exploded herself.


, can you keep up please?


? Any questions?


And then we also find out about the
big marshmallow man on a, on a cross.

There's an altercation between
Shinji and Oscar and then Oscar have

suicide and is taken into urgent
care care and is now catatonic.

Everybody is now just waiting for
shit to happen because they all

know everything's fucked and they
don't know what else to do about it.

That's how I, I interpret the situation.


Jeremy: What's that?

You say?

This couldn't possibly be the end
because they just were like in the

middle of talking about something.

Well, you're right.

Uh, this one ran super long,
as you can probably imagine.

So rather than throw a three and
a half hour podcast up here and

force you all to listen to, well
delete that halfway through.

We split it up into two halves.

The next half will be here next
week, and then after that, we're

back with brand new episodes.

All right.

See you soon until.

Stay horrified.