Evil Dead 2 (aka Horror Comedy Citizen Kane) with Steve and Bronwyn

Say it with me: Multiple Academy Award Winner Bruce Campbell

Alicia: Hey, just a heads up this week.

We're discussing evil, dead, two
directed by Sam Ramy and written

by Sam Ramy and Scott Spiegel.

Our host rank.

This movie is spooky, but mostly funny.

However, there is some blood descriptions
of dismemberment and demon possess.

After the music.

We'll talk about the movie
in full, so expect spoilers.

Now let's get on with the show.

Jeremy: Good evening, and welcome to
progressively horrified - the podcast

where we hold horror to progressive
standards it never agreed to.

Tonight: we're talking about the Citizen
Kane of horror comedies, Evil Dead II.

I am your host, Jeremy Whitley,
and with me tonight, I have a

panel of cinephiles and cenobites.

First, they're here to invade your
home and find queer content in all of

your favorite movies, my co-host and
comic book writer, and happy birthday.

Ben Khan.

Ben, how are you tonight?

Ben: I'm great.

And Bruce Campbell should have
gotten an Oscar for this movie.

Jeremy: Yes, absolutely.

And we picked her up at the
spooky crossroads of anime

and sexy monster media.

It's co-host and comics,
artists, Emily Martin.

How are you tonight, Emily?

Emily: Wishing Ben a happy birthday.

Jeremy: Our special guests tonight
are friends, the incomparable Steve

Seigh and Bronwyn Kelly-Seigh.

How are you guys?

Steve: Happy birthday to you, Ben.

And I'm, I'm so glad that you brought
us talk about a movie that has

more sweat than The Rock in Fast 5.

Ben: The most fluid filled movie,
this side of literally Waterworld.


Emily: colors of fluid.

And my God, I wrote them down.

Ben: There is black fluid, red
fluid, green fluid, blue, blue fluid.

Jeremy: Let's talk a little
bit about the basics here.

It is directed by Sam Raimi.

It is written by Sam
Raimi and Scott Spiegel.

It stars mostly Bruce Campbell,
but also Sarah Berry, Dan Hicks,

Kassie Wesley DePaiva and Ted Raimi.

Bronwyn: And I'm sorry,
this should get top billing.

Bruce Campbell's eyebrows.

Jeremy: Yes, his eyebrows and his chin
very prominent features in this movie.

Ben: This is a directorial
tour de force from Sam Raimi.

Bruce Campbell fucking carries this
movie on his back, which is a touchless

designed to be carried on his back.

Like his physical comedy in this
movie is truly Buster Keaton.

Level's good.

Emily: Yeah.

It's wild actually.

He's a fantastic physical like comedian.

And I feel like a lot of that isn't
really mentioned as much by just most

people that watch these movies because
they're into sort of the cool Bruce

Campbell, also the sexy Bruce Campbell.

If you haven't checked lately,
if you've been watching Ash vs.

Evil, dead on one of the
streaming services, I can't

remember which one has it.

Ben: It's a really fun show.

Emily: Yeah.

It's fun.

Bruce, Campbell's great.

But he was

Ben: a goddamn smokestack in this movie.

Jeremy: Before she has to tell you
herself, my wife is a big fan of Bruce.

Campbell's a checking this,
but much more interested in

Bruce Campbell now than then.

Like she loves that she loves
a slightly peppered hair.

Bruce Campbell.

She likes a

Steve: Burn Notice.


Ben: Yeah.

She likes Burn Notice, Bruce Campbell.

You can say it.

Emily: Doesn't really, it's so

Bronwyn: weird

Ben: to remember that TNT shows exist

Emily: well, that Bruce Campbell has
been so great throughout his career.

And he's such a great character actor.

And like his superpower Ash Williams,
his superpower is to resist impact.

A lot of people resist impact in
this movie because this is like

the Looney tunes, zombie movie,

Ben: it slapstick

Bronwyn: so much physical
comedy is amazing in this saying

Ben: that this is the first horror
comedy by any stretch of the imagination.

I mean, for God's sake, young Frankenstein
came out over a decade earlier, but I

feel like this is one that took like
the plot and structure and violence.

That should be in a standard straight
down the middle of horror movie,

which is why it was so easy to
adapt it into a straight down the

middle hotter movie decades later.

But it hypes it all to
like slapstick levels.

Jeremy: I love Bruce
Campbell in this movie.

I love Ash Williams.

I do have to say the true hero of this
movie though, to me is Ted Raimi who

wore a full, like plaster old woman,
like costume and suit in the middle of

this was something the Wadesboro North
Carolina, which I will tell you is

currently a town of about 5,000 people.

Just to give you an idea of
the size, and it is a swamp.

So what it was like, like wearing
that suit in like the heat, the

heat that is very clear from the
amount of sweating that Bruce

Campbell is doing in this movie.

Steve: You can see the battle damage of
the witch's suit in when the character's

like up in the air and spinning around.

If you look in near the crotch, like
you can actually see the tears and you

can see Ted Raimi's jeans underneath it.

It's amazing.

They were like, guys, it ripped, it broke.

Dude like, use it.

We don't have the budget!

Ben: And this really speaks
to Sam Raimi's skills.

Like, they use the lack of budget.

Like how affective is the demon
being this disembodied constantly

rushing at you POV camera?

Like it's so much more effective than
any kind of like just regular monster

that they could like show that as.

Bronwyn: Oh my God, that shot.

That one, single shot where
the POV camera is chasing.

Ash through the house?

Ben: That's incredible.

Jeremy: He broke through three
or four doors in the first scene.

Ben: That's the kind of shot that
made like essentially like a beefed

up student film go like, oh my God.


Give this guy fucking Spider-Man.

Bronwyn: Exactly.

Ben: This, like, this is so good.

Like you speak big horror as a DIY genre.

Like, I mean the first Evil
Dead was essentially just

a student film, wasn't it?

Emily: Yeah.

Jeremy: He could not get this one filmed.

Sam had intended to do like a
straight up sequel of the Evil Dead.

Yeah, the Evil Dead was like privately
financed little thing, and he could not

get the financing for the second one.

And in fact, what happened was a guy
named Stephen King was such a fan of

the original Evil Dead that he went and
talked to his buddy Dino Dayla renters,

who was currently allowing him Stephen
King to make maximum overdrive, which

at some point we'll have to talk about.

Ben: So what I'm getting from this story
is that cocaine played a part in every

step of getting this movie to screen.

Bronwyn: I mean, Yeah.

Jeremy: Do you know, Taylor and decided
that he would, finance this on Stephen

King's word And they still couldn't get
the rights to the video from Evil Dead.

So they basically remake the movie, the
Evil Dead in the first like seven minutes

of this movie, just so they can get to
the sequel for the rest of the movie.

Ben: The rights to the Evil Dead
franchise are a goddamn labyrinth

that makes no fucking sense to me.

Like, so if you watch Evil, like Ash
vs Evil Dead, the Starz TV series,

it's connected rights wise, they
had all the rights to Evil Dead II.

They did not have the rights to
Evil Dead one or Army of Darkness.

So they could only allude
to Army of Darkness.

Bronwyn: Well, and that's funny
because they were talking about

like the direct sequel that
they wanted Evil Dead II to be.

But he wanted it to basically go
right into Army of Darkness and then

had to kind of rewrite to get Evil
Dead II because they wanted more

of a in line with the first one.

Ben: One of those people where thank
God for producer interference, because I

look I'm a big fan of Army of Darkness.

I really like it, but this
movie is so fucking special.

And I think Army of Darkness is a little
more like, where the horror and where the

comedy and where the Claymation and where
the fantasy and where the knights, like, I

think it's trying to be a little too much.

Whereas this just being like this crazy
horror comedy and like with the cabin

at classic cabin in the woods, I think.

Jeremy: It's a real Goldilocks franchise.


It's not really enough.

Other than the tree rape which doesn't
make its way into this one, but

does make its way into the remake.

It's just not enough.

Ben: Really, that one?

That they keep?

They kept the tree rape?

Jeremy: They kept the tree
rape very, very specifically.

And in fact they're
more specific about it.

Steve: I don't remember that.

Bronwyn: But that's
definitely a choice, yeah.

Jeremy: In the remake, the Evil Dead
the character is actually suspended

off of the ground and you see the
vines go up, her skirt and yeah.

Ben: And the remake plays
it more straight, right?

Like the remake doesn't go for like-

Jeremy: Ah, does it.


So straight.


It is not funny at all.

In fact, like they take the premise
of kids going out to the woods to

you know, make out and have fun.

And instead they make it about this guy
going out with his sister who is just

fresh out of rehab and trying to take her
out to the woods to help her get clean.

Um, So they're, they're staging
intervention to keep her from doing drugs,

which is why they're way out in the woods.

This is directed by Fede Álvarez, who
we have talked about his work before.

Ben: Oh, Don't Breathe...

Jeremy: We're notably not
fans of Don't Breathe.

Emily: Don't watch, more like it.


Ben: To do like, Hey, what if we
did Evil Dead without the comedy?

I mean, that's.

Emily: It's a choice.

Ben: Insanity.

It's like.

I'm with Jeremy.

This is the Citizen Kane of
the horror comedy sub genre.

Emily: With "Rosebud" and everything.

Jeremy: Yeah, Rosebud, by the way,
not a real production company.

It was created exclusively for this
movie because this movie was initially

rated X and Dino de Laurentiis could not
release X-rated stuff on his own label.

So he created this fake
label to release it under.

The idea that at some point this
movie was rated x is hilarious to me.

Bronwyn: It is.

Jeremy: Because it is-

Ben: This movie is goddamn Looney Tunes.

Jeremy: Yeah, it's straight down
the line are almost PG 13 now.

Emily: Yeah!

Bronwyn: Yeah.

Ben: How great a villain
are, the deadites?

Zombies that actively fuck with you?

Emily: I like fun.

Like it's if like Freddy Kruger,
like every zombie was Freddy Krueger.

Ben: Yes.

That's exactly it.

Emily: They all have personality.



So it's really funny.

Cause you talk about, I didn't
know, Dino De Laurentiis was like as

involved in this, but then I watch
it and I'm like, wow, this makes a

whole lot of sense because like the
theatricality of the world building and

like all of these, handmade, special
effects and like the weird cloud

Ben: I love

Emily: portal.

Ben: I especially love when
they'll just the world's fastest

sunset composited against Bruce
Campbell, screaming at the sky.

Emily: You know, you think about a
movie like this, where like, okay,

there's a lot of people in armor.

That's a lot of armor.

And then I'm like, wait,
no it's Dino De Laurentiis.

He was just coming off of
like Conan and fucking Flash

Gordon and all this and Dune.

Bronwyn: Oh yeah, Dune.

Emily: And so, yeah, Dean, like,
I'm really fascinated by the Dino

de Laurentiis aesthetic because
it is so like bare it's, like it's

like bond se and a comic books

Jeremy: It's so much of what
Sam Raimi and Robert Taper

will go on to do on TV as well.

You know, in, in stuff they worked on
like the Xenas and Herculeses of...

Emily: Yeah.

Ben: Yeah.

Emily: And also for the record, the
De Laurentiis company has gone on to

produce such things such as Hannibal.




It's all connected.

Ben: This movie has so many touches that
are are so funny to me and just making

me laugh every time I watch it, like
Bruce Campbell in the beginning, clearly

flying miles through the air and then
landing 20 feet away from the cabin.

Bronwyn: Right?

Emily: Oh my god!

This movie is about commitment.

It's about commitment to the bit.

Bronwyn: Oh, okay.

Ben: And it is committed.

Bronwyn: I have a question.

I have a question about
Bruce Campbell specifically.

Do any of you know if he had a
specific rider on this movie that said

he had to be the prettiest person?

Because legitimately everyone else.


Like if he's a nine, everyone
else is like a 6.5 at best.

Ben: Well, it is like, I believe
him- Bruce Campbell - and Sam

Raimi are like long time friends.

Like, I don't know if they met in college
or even friends, like earlier than that.

I do know, like, again, this
wasn't like, oh, we've got this

character, like Ash Williams.

We need to find the perfect actor for him.

Like this whole movie was
built around Bruce Campbell as

the star, like from day one.

Bronwyn: Which works.

And it's all, it's all amazing.

But I mean, like everybody here
looks like they're in their

forties and angry about it.

Jeremy: So the wild thing to me, is I was
reading that originally when Sam Raimi

wrote the script, the character of Bobby
Joe was inspired by Holly Hunter and he

wanted Holly Hunter to play the character.

Ben: That would have been great.

Jeremy: And apparently De Laurentiis
decided that Holly Hunter was

not sexy enough and they needed
somebody sexier for the part?

Ben: De Laurentiis you are wrong!

Bronwyn: Very, very wrong.


Okay, so he wanted somebody
sexier for that part.

And then immediately our very
first introduction to that role

is her spitting on the ground.

Do I have this right?

Ben: Yeah.

Jeremy: Like she spits out chaw
and then they then do play Bobby.

Jo is if she is sexy later and
I was like mixed signals here.

Ben: I think that can work in a Julia
Roberts movie where she's playing a

witty, like scam artist who then goes
undercover and somewhere, and ends up

falling in love with like, I don't know,
someone down to earth and good hearted.

And then it's a whole, like.

Bronwyn: Instead of some guy in a
pair of overalls the summer, like

summer here and summer, there.

Ben: I'm street smart Julia Roberts, con
artist and oh no, I'm in a, I don't know.

Richard Gere or Hallmark Christmas movie.

I don't know.

It's not the nineties.

This movie's not going
getting greenlit anyway.

Emily: Yeah.

Well, her character came in
strong and then just dropped off.

Ben: Well, I feel like when we get
the scenes away from Bruce Campbell,

we get a look at what, like what this
movie would have been in like nine

out of 10 timelines where it's a whole
thing with just like first Friday, the

13th movie caliber acting and stuff.

And then you get Bruce Campbell
back on screen and you're

like, oh my God, thank God.

We have a fucking physical comedy
dynamo who is just cranking it up to 11.

Bronwyn: It's true.

Cause like when we meet like Bobby
Joe and Annie and like the four

of them are talking at the bridge?

That is the cringiest
scene in the entire movie.

And there's so much blood and gore and all
like insanity and the rest of this movie.

Jeremy: Hey guys.

Without looking it up.

What's Amy's boyfriend's name?

Steve: Jay.

Emily: Chad.

Ben: You saw this whole family-

Bronwyn: Cheap Dolph Lundgren.

Jeremy: I think he's Ed.

Emily: Is he though

Jeremy: Jake?

Jake I think is the hillbillies zombie.

Steve: Oh.

Ben: We get introduced to Annie.

She is wearing a yellow sweater with
a bay sweater tied around her neck.

Bronwyn: Oh.

And don't forget the cravat.

Steve: The kerchief action.

Ben: What kind of fucking white as
hell WASP Family is just vacationing to

tombs and casually reading spells from
things called the book of the dead?

Bronwyn: With the knee
socks and the Oxfords.

Steve: The secret kinks
in those circles run deep.

Bronwyn: And we don't kick
shame here, but oh, my.

Steve: I look.

If conjuring demons out of
some old texts is your bag.

Ben: Only the waspiest of wasps is reading
a book made of human skin and reading

about doors to other worlds from the
book of the dead and going "Choo Choo!

Full steam ahead!".

Jeremy: I mean, not only read it.

Let me record it.

Yeah, so that can be
played back again later.

Ben: I mean, the least part of
this whole movement is legitimately

that Ash would pick up a book.

He did pick up the first

Emily: time he picked up a book.

I believe it was when he was trying
to trap the hand under the pot.

And it was a farewell to arms.

I laughed,

Bronwyn: oh my God.

Fucking I'm like,

Emily: that's a joke.

But also like it's also something
that would definitely make my

hand not want to function anymore.

And also, can we talk about how much
he mourns his hand over his girlfriend.

Oh my God.

Ben: Tortured like delivery, pleading
to the heavens on, give me back my

Bronwyn: hair.

I mean, it is his right hand.


Emily: Like that's what I'm saying.

Like, Debbie, wasn't really committed
to this relationship with Linda.

However that hand she's got

Jeremy: even more

Ben: important.

Steve: Listen, some
people are ambidextrous.


Ben: right.

Cohen center of the Linda pulling
herself out of her grave, doing

ballet, her head, rolling towards
her, doing more about like, and then

branching off into the wilderness just

Bronwyn: to fuck with that.

Steve: Probably my favorite thing about
this movie is the evil itself and just how

much it lives to fuck with its victims.

They screw with him for so they
can kill him at any time they

could possess him at anytime.

They could possess him and make
him walk off where the bridge was.

And he'd be done, but they put him
and these people through all of these

trials and all of these possessions
and blood bags and fucked up and

just the whole movie I'm like, This
evil has got a great sense of humor.


Bronwyn: like

Ben: favorite part of the whole
movie is where it's the Dutch angle

and they're dancing and everything
is laughing and I'm like, oh,

Emily: the Pixar movie now.

Bronwyn: I legitimately love when he
gets up to the bridge for the first

time and he's looking at it like, oh no.

And he's got that Sean, William
Scott face going on and you get that

shot of the bridge and it's like
the hands coming up or whatever.

It very much looks like that.

Delia Deeks art from beetle juice.

Oh yeah.

Emily: Well, I mean it's, and it's
such a map painting, like all of

the fridge shit and the smoothie.

Like that's what I love about these,
like the deal dealer enters movies in

particular, but also this like the Sam
Raimi stuff that this particular Evil Dead

situation is so fantastical and also like,
theatrical, like, these are wooden sets.

These are cardboard paintings.

Like, your belief is suspended
and you don't give a shit because

everything that's happening on the
screen is either crazy or a great

Ben: or

Jeremy: both the whole

Ben: movie, I think is fantastic, but
the first, like 35 to 40 minutes or so,

where it's really just Ash by himself,
like, and the house is so it's sublime.

Let's, let's

Jeremy: talk about like, what actually
happens here, because we'll jump into

that like bit here, because we start
with, I mean, the premise of Evil

Dead, the original to some extent, but
like, what I love about this opening

is they're going to this house in the
middle of the woods for, they have no

connection to, I don't know if the just
solid off of the road at some point, but

I was just like, that's spooky ass, a
little house in the middle of the woods,

seems like a good place to go make out.

Ben: Linda asked him, like, how do
you know the owners won't come back?

He's just like, ah, like he
doesn't know who the owners are.

He has no idea.

He has no connection to them.

We do not know how he even
knows about this house.

And the, and this

Emily: is cold.

Like this is straight after.

This whole amazing animated, like super
fantastical intro about the book of the

Ben: dead

Steve: hardcore Twilight zone vibes.

Oh, it's so

Ben: good.

Hi Connick.


made of human skin with
a fucking face on it

Emily: and we see it like back when the
seas were drawn with printing with blood,

Ben: he dropped eight ocean blood and
it's like, got all these intricate

drawings, like fucking, yeah, I fucking
love the Necronomicon it fucking rules.



Jeremy: I don't know my ancient
history that well, but this movie

implies that there was a time that
all the oceans were just blood.


Emily: well that was
after the second impact.


Ben: Shinji put on the helmet, that's
why all the troglodytes went extinct.

It was in troglodyte times also, I guess
the first plague when God got real mad

at the Egypt for the slavery thing.

And he was like, am I going to what?

Just going to do a whole bunch of plagues.

I think that's over everyone.

Emily: See when you talk about like
history, I would get a lot more

serious here than we really should.

But when we talk about
history and like, historical.

Books and in like ancient cultures and
stuff, things are very relative, right?

Ben: Like for the record, the
second impact and the story of

Passover are both equally fictional.


I love the, I love the story of Passover.

It's a wonderful holiday.

There's zero fucking
historical precedent for it.


I think

Jeremy: the money is absolutely real now.

Ben: Not the,

Emily: oh yeah, no.

He's like eating the sun right now,
but that archeological, tomes things

that like, when we talk about oceans,
usually it's just like the body of water

nearby where like the city was okay.

Anyway, so that could have been
blood who knows iron deposit.

Jeremy: They come in and
they set up at this house.

They start looking around for I
don't know, stuff to eat, stuff

to drink, stuff to get sexy with.

And Ash finds the sexiest
thing of all a tape recorder.

And he's like, Hey, should
I play this reel to reel?

And of course Linda's like, yeah,

Ben: I love Ash's lines to seal the deal.

Have some champagne baby.

And I'm a man and you're a woman.

Oh my God.

In this happen, that
could not be the most.

Like picturesque horror movie cabin.

This is the horror movie cabin to end all.

I moved.

We can start

Jeremy: this.

Kevin starts at spooky at no point.

Is this cabin romantic?

There is not a large fireplace.

There is no like there's
no like vibes in this

Ben: cabin.


It is less spooky when it has
a giant ghost face projection.

Bronwyn: Yeah.

And, okay, I'm sorry, like Bruce Campbell.


He is all cheekbones and sharp nose and
eyebrows and all of the angles and all of

the things, you know, arguably objectively
a beautiful guy, but dude has no vibes.

He has an incredible physical
actor, but he comes over there and

he are just an eyebrow and he's
like, I'm a man and you're a woman.

And all I'm like, oh dear God.

Ben: It's the exact same flirting
strategy that Johnny Bravo would employ.

Steve: Nothing turns me on faster than
being called kid by my significant other.

Emily: Yeah.

I can't handle that shit.




But here's okay.

We can't not talk about
how he played the piano.

Bronwyn: Did he play the piano
or did the piano play itself or.

Was it what's her dude
coming back from house.


Yeah, maybe

Emily: it was what's her name?


Ben: How great was the piano?


When Ash is, feelings sad
while holding the necklace and

thinking about his girlfriend.

Emily: It's very good.

But listen look, listen.


So Ash is playing.

I should supposedly playing the piano.

Bruce Campbell is probably
not playing the piano.

We know this.

I mean,

Jeremy: maybe

Emily: that's true.

That's true.

But in the beginning of this movie,
as with like the first Evil Dead Ash

is kind of a geek, like in the first
evil daddies, he starts out kind of

geeky, like kind of awkward, awkward.

Bronwyn: I mean, he's human, he's
a federal, federal human he's

Ben: in the circus sense.

I wish we got to see the live chicken uh,
piano after he had the chain saw a hand.

So it's just like class bonds by like,
just hand me like he was with the church.


Emily: But yeah, so,
but like Ash starts out.

He's not like supposed to be a charmer.

He becomes like a competent char like
most of this movie he's screaming

and hitting himself and he's not

Ben: has nothing on this movie.

And you thought you beat yourself up,
fucking get on Bruce Campbell's level.

Bruce: Go oh, go.

Oh, huh?



It's over Dr.

Strange has not seen the
last of the pizza pop up.

Emily: Yeah.

Fucking Tyler Durden has
nothing on that hand.

Ben: Yeah, there's so much of this
movie that relies on Bruce Campbell

by himself beating himself up in a
two-person physical comedy scene where

he is both characters, I think it's
the best scene in the whole movie.

I think Ash versus his own hand
is the highlight of the film.

Emily: Yeah.

And stand its

Bronwyn: own porn parody.



Emily: So Ash, in this movie,
isn't like the superhero that

we know from Army of Darkness.

Not yet until he gets this,
like the chain saw hand

Ben: that's is what up?


Emily: moment.


And so he has an arc in this movie.

His art.

Is pretty clear to me because he
starts out just being fucking scared

out of his mind and desperate to
being in charge of the situation.

He's still out of his depth
a little bit, because he is a

human man versus the Evil Dead.

But now we, as a chainsaw hand and a
cool hair streak and his tits are out.

So like

Ben: that's his white hair, mostly
like rogue in the first X-Men movie.

Emily: Sure, sure.

But like it's part of the experience.

Ben: To me, there's a clear arc with the,
like, you know, you start with like what

characters want versus what they need.

And he starts out wanting to
make a choice between, do I keep

the chainsaw or the shotgun?

And he goes on a hero's journey and
he has to sacrifice part himself.

And you realize that what he
needed was to learn how to

have a chainsaw and a shotgun.

Bronwyn: Oh,

Ben: wait, it's good.

It goes from like, I have to pick two.

I can do both.

And I'm like, that's a fucking Ark right

Jeremy: there.

I said it's playing the taper.

And this is the professor
reading from the book of the dead

Frezzor by the way, nowhere to be
seen, we'll find out why later.

So this tape recorder starts playing
and he starts reading from the book

of the dead reads these passages
that supposedly bring things

back to life and summon demons.

You know what they do.

They work a demon comes zooming, rushing
through the woods and possess this,

his girlfriend who then attacks him.

And he be with a shovel six
minutes, 30 seconds into the movie.

He has already been handed his girlfriend

Ben: wildly.

Flails his shovel out with one strike at
her head comes clean off in one of those

Bronwyn: weeks.

She decomposed quickly

Ben: wastes no time.


Bronwyn: she did look like
she was, in her forties.

And then she gets buried
in 30 seconds later.

She is 400 years

Ben: old.

Act one is four and a half
minutes long in this movie.

Emily: Yeah.

So, and then like, she he buries her.

Then he is sent through the
woods by the camera, which is it.

Ben: Wasn't that the cliffhanger
ending of the first one, him being

flung through the woods and like,
and that's how Evil Dead ends.

Emily: I don't remember.

I don't remember that movie.

It's like a fever dream.


All I

Bronwyn: remember of that
movie is the tree rape.

Emily: And the blue square
with the moon in it.

I remember that.

Jeremy: Yeah, he is.

He had thrown around


He wakes up in a puddle and then comes
back to the house just in time to see

her revived from the dead and do a entire
ballet routine outside without her head.

And then with her head rolling around
let me see watches through the window.

And then he is attacked
by her possessed dead.

Ben: we get a whole bunch of
stuff, like crazy stuff we

get Bruce Campbell's insane.

Cross-eyed face when the dead white spirit
leaves his body in the sunlight, the

deadites will leave your body at sunlight.

A rule that will not come back into
play or matter at all whatsoever.

We get the crazy shot that opens right
on LaBruce Campbell's bursting out,

open eyelid and then shoot straight
up in the sky while spinning around.

Emily: And when he wakes up from
that puddle, this exact 360 camera

pan, it's also in the green Knight.

Ben: Green night ripped off Evil Dead II.

That's our review.

Jeremy: It's like 540 degrees.

Cause it just keeps coming back around.

Emily: Yeah, well, this one does too.

Like this one was like, as
long as that 360 pan that like

followed all four seasons of
the year to watch fucking a dev.

Oh yeah.


Jeremy: as many spins as Tony Hawk.

Ben: Yeah.

Emily: That's a, that's
Sam Raimi, his whole style.

In fact, Tony Hawk ripped off Sam
Raimi, but the skateboard you heard,

if you have first, no, I'm not

Ben: serious.

There's so much that
happens in this movie.

This movie is like a thrill a minute.

Like you've got the ghost face on the
cabin, yelling, join us in a creepy voice.

Getting Bruce Campbell's incredible
acting when he like eating all

of the mad painting scenery when
he gets to the fucked up bridge.


Uh, We get introduced to Amy and her
boyfriend who gives a shit about his name.

Oh no, Annie and Annie's
super ass white boyfriend.

Bronwyn: The only thing of
note about Annie's boyfriend

is that he got her tele Bram.

Emily: I didn't even remember that.

I was too busy trying to like process
the scene where the demon plane was

following Bruce Campbell through
the entire house, into the walls.

Grunow was and then
like, talk about Bruno.


Ben: I love Linda's

Jeremy: head attacking Ash and him
running through the whole house, beating

it on everything before finally deciding
to go to the garage and put it in a

clamp so that he can chain saw it.

Cause that's the only way
to get rid of, of your dead.

Girlfriend's head

Ben: again, Bruce Campbell running
around this house, smashing his hand, the

head attached to his head on the walls.

Like this movie is fucking esoteric

Bronwyn: when he comes out and
he follows me trips over that

barrel and stuff like that.

Like it doesn't look so

Ben: good.

And George Romero's three Stooges

Bronwyn: and like as a clumsy person,
I've definitely done it like that.

And he made it look better.


Ben: that'd be what if he
falls over the oil barrel?

Just fucking like at no moment
is any moment for physical

comedy not take and in the home

Emily: it's glorious and throws
himself into a, in like a flip.


It's like multiple occasions for the head.

Ben: This is Charlie
Chaplin, Buster Keaton level.

It is so good.

If there was a specific award for comedy,
which I guess would be the golden globe

for comedies, he should have gotten it.



Jeremy: beats his head on everything.

It's really amazing.

When you think about people
today, talk about, oh, you know,

this guy had to act against CGI.

Bruce Campbell is just acting
against the prosthetic head

that he's beating on everything.

You know, he came to us, his head, he
goes back inside at which point his hand

starts going crazy and is possessed.

And he falls to the floor
and yells you bastards.

Give me back my hand.

Steve: I

Ben: think I love this movie so fucking

Jeremy: much.

Oh, this is maybe my favorite scene where
he looks in the mirror and says, I'm fine.

I'm fine.

I'm fine.

And then the him in the mirror pops
out and grabs him by the shoulders.

And this is, we just be headed.

Are our girlfriend.

Does that sound fine

Ben: to you?

Bronwyn: I love that Charlotte.

Oh my God.

Emily: I mean, he, he seems more
upset about his hand and about the

bridge than he does about Linda,
except for that one scene where Izmir

herself is like, Hey, remember you
had like that murder that you did.

Bronwyn: I kind

Ben: of love the storyline in Ash vs.

Evil Dead season two, where again,
it's 25 years later as she goes back

to his hometown and yeah, everyone
in his hometown only remembers him

as the guy who killed all those
people in that cabin the one time.

And they don't believe
anything that I did.

I'd say it was like, yeah, that
guy's a fucking serial killer.

We don't know why he didn't get arrested.

Emily: Yeah.

And we can't forget the Linda's
body chainsawing itself.


That was pretty glorious.


Ben: Yeah.

And I

Bronwyn: love the variety here.

Like the body has thicker and the blood
coming from the head is a completely

different color, but then, I mean the
body and the head are different ages, so,

Emily: and the head is
a different color hair.

And Linda was,

Ben: I mean, it was that special effect.

Like, was that like a suit?

Like it felt like it had to be like
a Claymation, but it was interacting

with Bruce Campbell and the chainsaw
and the physical spreading come out.

Like that's an incredible
physical effect all on its own.

Emily: Yeah.

The the suit, I think in those shots
where there were in the work shed, that

was a suit, but then like the whole dance
was 100% Claymation or for stop action.

Ben: Yeah.

My guess would be for

Steve: the body in the in the tool
shed would just be some kind of

like mechanical, like a mannequin
of sorts that has like tubing and.

Like cut a certain way.

So it splashes to have all that
stuff come out of it and they

just pump it from the bottom.

And like, the arms are kind of just
like on levers and they move around as

it just like pushes and pulls and kind
of just dances around the little space.

One of the things that this movie
does is it really warps your sense

of like space on the interiors of
these places that they go, like, the

cabin is all fucked up in terms of how
big the rooms are at any given time.

It's like Alice in Wonderland
eating the mushrooms and eating

the cookies kind of thing.

Ben: There seems to be an
infinite number of doors.

Like no matter how many times the
doors get smashed, they're always there

for someone to block something with
and then get smashed through again.

Steve: When you see like the outside
of that cabin and you see how big

it is, and then you go inside and
there are bedrooms, there's a whole

basement area that goes all around.

Like it wasn't just a, yeah, like
it wasn't like a little wine cellar.

Like there was a furnace, there was a
back part that was like, didn't even

have boxes and it was pretty big.


Ben: I love again, so many of my
notes are just like, look at this

fucking amazing facial expression.

Bruce Campbell makes, but his
shift to over the top anger,

when he changed us, Linda's head.

Like Jim Carrey owes his entire
career to Bruce Campbell, right?

Emily: Yeah.

Bronwyn: Also like I love Linda
and the Linda Head are different

Emily: actors.

Oh yeah, yeah.


Ben: that's right.

And then Greg Nicotero

Jeremy: does a whole bunch of
these things like Greg Nicotero

is the hand and he's evil.

Ed's hand and he's the what's
built is Henry at his long neck.

Pee-wee head at the end.


Ben: that the one that's just like a whole
bunch of monkey making monkey sounds.

Emily: It's a boss from Elden ring.

Oh yeah.


Bronwyn: makes sense.

Steve: Something you
would see in dead alive.

Emily: Oh yeah.

That was very, I mean, of life came out
like about four years later or something

five years later because it was 1980.

I think

Steve: there was a trailer for it
on our blue Ray copy of this movie

Ben: that we have.

Oh yeah.

Emily: I mean, that makes sense.

Cause they're like dead alive is basically
like a love lever, love lover, love

letter, and love lover to evil day.

Ben: And

Bronwyn: yeah.

Emily: But yeah, so at this time in
the film, we were talking about Ash

is fighting his own hands and we
talked a lot about this and how great.


Ben: he's just hitting himself
with plate after plate.

Like it's bugs bunny is
shit and it's, it's amazing.

It's hilarious.

Bronwyn: When the hand over starts
dragging him across the floor,

Jeremy: graduate to introduce ed and
Annie, but then we're right back to him,

like beating himself over the head with
plates and yeah it's really fantastic.

And this, this bit after he knocked
himself unconscious, where his hand is

pulling him across the floor is like
it's peak physical comedy it's done.

Bronwyn: And then he
follows it up with the line.

Who's laughing now.

And I'm like legitimately
dying and I'm like,

Ben: oh, also that he uses the chain side
to do it instead of the meat Cleaver.

That is inches away from him.

Peak Ash Campbell.


The hand

Jeremy: is after the meat Cleaver,
but then he's like, what if I

knife to the hand to the floor
and then use the chainsaw instead

of just grabbing this big,


Ben: then just like wrap my stump
up in a towel and then just be

otherwise find the rest of the movie.

Oh my God.

And I

Bronwyn: love, okay.

So there's so much blood in this movie.

It's everywhere.

It's gushing, it's flowing.

It's glorious.

We will touch on that later, but there's
no arterial spray coming out of the wrist

and there's no bloodstains on the towel.

Like I loved this movie.

So like they ha they literally have
blood gushing out of the walls.

They have blood gushing out
of the, out of the cellar.

They blood every, and then all of a
sudden, it's just, there's nothing.

There's no blood.

Jeremy: I mean, that's right here
where it's we get the hand runs into

the wall and he tries to shoot it
with the shotgun and the Wallstreet.

Stribling a little bit of blood.

And then he goes to look at it and
it just starts gushing blood and like

fountains out of the wall, knocking
it backwards, like a fire hose.

Ben: I just say, yeah, it is.

They had on my notes, it is
a fire hose of Evil Dead.

Like that is.

Like, Ooh, we hit, like you hit the hand
and some bloods covered out satisfying.

Oh no.

Too much blood is coming out.



I literally wrote it.


Bronwyn: Yeah.


Lack of arterial spray from the stump.

Oh, there it is.

Coming from the wall.

Emily: I just displaced it.

It's a time space portal.

Ben: He knows just exactly where to take
something that, again, like 99 out of a

hundred movies would play totally straight
and like get to like the spooky area.

And then.

All right now, let's just
say and all that further.

And it just delivers it.

It's a straight up fucking
side splitting comedy.

This is

Emily: like w when the you get the
splash or like you get the really

rough like brush strokes in that
present a painting, where you get,

like, you have these very deliberate
decisions of complete ridiculousness

that are nothing but delightful.


Ben: like this movie's plot overall
is really raw asides from the

time portal at the end, this movie
is plot is really rather cliche.

It's the execution that makes
it an absolute one of a kind.


Emily: And like, I love how the
movie like introduces these other

characters and it's like, okay, so
here's some other characters you

don't want to look at them though.


Ben: So yeah.

And these characters only exist.

So they can then like become
deadites for after, but they're still

Emily: memorable, which is
also like that movie touch.


Jeremy: Well, to speak to that, this
is the point actually, where Annie and

ed, that's his name ed have gotten to
the other side of the bridge and it's

blocked out by this kind of truck.

And they're like, Hey, we
need to cross the bridge.

He's like, you can't cross
the bridge is not there.

And that, that guy is
Lee or is Jake, Jake.

And then we meet his girlfriend question,
mark Bobby Joe, who was our uh, lovely

Charles spitting other character who uh,
they both suggest that, oh yeah, they can

show them the way to get to this thing
by trails because the only road is out.

And uh, you know, she agrees that
she'll pay them a hundred dollars

if Jake will carry her luggage.

He just sees her, you know, over the
shoulder bag and her case her glass

case of pages from the book of the dead.

And it's like, oh yeah, I got that.

And then of course he has to,
comedically carry luggage on his back.

Like this is an actual animated movie.

Ben: This joke doesn't work because.

An actual PG kids, movie level of
comedy jokes and not like weird

turning a horror movie tropes
to just like an absurd degree.


Jeremy: Raimi, to the point of like,
you know, when we were talking about

drag me to hell, it just like the
goat puppet, that's yelling at them.


Emily: fair.

There's a lot of like cartoon logic
here, like straight up cartoon

logic and just cartoon progression
when the hand is in the mouse hole.

And I love how, like, he, the hand
goes for the mouse hole and there is

a mouse in the mouse hole because we
need to know that it is a mouse hole.


You know, it is like straight up
elementary school logic of like, okay,

so then there was the hand and it goes
to there's a mouse and then goes in

the wall and then he tried to shoot it.

Like it's some ex-cop ship.

And I love it

Ben: so much.

I think of why I was way higher share to
drag me to hell than I probably should

have been is because I was comparing
it very explicitly to this movie.

And this movie is just too high, a bar
for most ed damn near anything to reach.

Emily: I mean, I think drag me to
hell had some other issues like

the racisms, but that'll do it.

There was a lot going on and
drive me to hell like this.

Like the fact that this movie
completely did just have no tree rape.


I was like, thank you.

Ben: I think I had like, like, I
think I had a low tolerance for

the CGI and drag me to hell because
my attitude was so much, I know

what you can do with practical

Emily: effects.


I mean, it is hard, but it's hard to
make a movie like drag me to hell with

the practical effects, cause there's,
CGI has had a rough adolescence in film.

And with movies like the Dino de
Laurentiis stuff, which is very

like theatrical, it's very, it's all
incredible staging and you know, it

feels like, like it's an opera, and we
don't have to worry about the setting.

We're not thinking about like complex
settings and all that kind of shit.

We're worried about the characters and
we care about the characters and the

background will be what it needs to be
at the time, which is, a matte painting

or a house that is full of is like
labyrinthine full of rooms and pipes

and doors and the desk that nothing
happens to because that desk needs to

stay intact for the plot to happen.

So, With a movie like drag me to hell
it doesn't really have that solid.

It tries to like with that the the
woman's house, that fucking amazing

house that she has, the summons,
the demon in is really cool.

And, you know, I feel like that's kind
of the Sam Raimi, that, that history

there that is coming through, but that
movie is definitely not about like,

it's not as operatic as something
like Evil Dead, or Army of Darkness.

As much as they are like just
straight slapstick comedy.

Well I think for

Bronwyn: me, one of the things that
really works about this is that it is

simple, you know, and it's something
that's simple, but well executed.

So they take something they're not trying,
they're not overreaching, they're not

trying to do like a huge epic story.

They, the focus here is the directorial
approach and Bruce Campbell.

As an actor and with the physical comedy
and, and his physicality coming across,

and the story is almost secondary to
the rest of the focus for this movie.


And that's, I think where it

Ben: shines.


It's like all these incredible
little moments, like, oh, when the

hand is going through the mouth, the
different routes holes, and it's just

waiting impatiently, drubbing, its
fingers, waiting for Ash to reload.

And when it flips him off, after a
while, after it accidentally walks into

a mouse trap and then Ash slaps at it,
like, like how quickly as it goes from,

like, give me back my hand to fuck this.

Hey, I

Jeremy: it does hit him with
literally everything in the

kitchen between those two

Ben: reactions.

Like, and then after that I feel like
this is when the house was like, man,

you've done like, cut off your girlfriend.

You got off your own hand.

You tell with just the
fire hose, the fluids

Bronwyn: Okay.

This is why we don't have taxidermied
animals because that shit got

creepy and I loved it, but no

Jeremy: books were laughing.

The moose head was laughing.

He's having a grand old time.

Ben: Yeah.

Is just like bouncing up and down.

Like he's old school, Mickey mouse
standing still like when he was dancing

Bronwyn: with the lab with the lamp.


Ben: woo.

Emily: And this is where the rest of
the movie finds him having this moment.

And then the, he he's having
like, he's finally laughing along.

Like he's appreciating them, join them.

Jeremy: There's a knock at the door.

And the first thing he does is shoot it.

Bronwyn: I do not blame him.

Ben: That's what sets Ash
apart for pretty much.

Every horror movie, protagonist,
like we've ever covered short of

arguably I'm like ready or not.

And mayhem is that Ash Hannibal is
a horror movie, protagonist who, no

matter how other worldly or horrific or
dangerous, what he's faced with, he will

always respond with overwhelming violence.

Bronwyn: We're

Emily: just overwhelming, like 100%
anything like with the laughter

he's like, okay, I'm into it.


Again, commitment.

Ben: Yeah.

Like when all, when like when at these
monsters that every protest he covered

runs Heights, there's something,
Ash Campbell has a fucking accident.

It's just fucking swinging like crazy.

Like, I don't think I just put my hair
for an Nash Campbell, someone who's just

like, who will just go, like the level
of violence that other horror movie

protagonists have to go through an entire
movies arc to get through, like to get,

to be like, yes, now I am capable of
the violence that will save me Ash is

there at like minute five of this movie

Bronwyn: when he chops
up, his girlfriend said,

Emily: yeah, yeah, of all
of this is kind of bumbling.

he's like kind of bumbling through it
and super desperate, like he's Donald

duck for most of this movie handbook.

Ben: His, he, his arc is not, I'm in
capable of doing violence at oh, and

now after surviving, I can do violence.

His art is just refining the violence.

That was always, I became better at it.

Emily: He goes from Donald
duck to dark Washington.


Ben: Oh my God.

I was going to say, he goes from Disney,
Donald duck to kingdom hearts, Donald doc

Emily: it's Donald duck is
still, you know, we just

Ben: got canonically one of the
strongest mages in the final

fantasy lore, Zeta Flayer,

Emily: Okay.

Jeremy: So as you said, the rest
of the party, rays at this point,

Ash immediately shoots them.

Uh, D doesn't mean to, he gets a Bobby
Joe through the door and then gets tackled

immediately by the uh, guys of the party
beaten up and then thrown in the cellar.


Ben: the another great piece
of physical comedy of Bruce

Campbell falling down the stairs.

Jeremy: Yeah.

they've had lock them in there and then a.

they decide to go play the
rest of this real, the real

to find out what's happened.

And we hear the rest of the professor's
story that when he read this thing

that was supposed to submit demons
at someone to demon, then possessed

his wife and he had to kill her and
bury her in the basement or in the

cellar, which is where Ash now is.

And she is this demon is
a really good at timing.

So on hearing that they uh, introduce her
as she pops up and starts attempting to

eat Ash, as far as I can tell him, she
is really full on going after his face.

He's, you know, trying to climb back up,
backwards up the stairs, fighting her.

Ben: Yeah.

This is Henrietta, who is the
main debt I'd of the movie.

And as we said is primarily
played by Ted Raimi, who is

just amazing, amazing Gloria.


Jeremy: only actually played by Henry
and his actress for a brief moment

that she is trying to convince her
daughter that she's actually fine.

Does that, is there
getting Ash out of here?

Uh, Good old Jake gets bitten
and, or gets what happens to Jake.

Jake gets something done to him.

Emily: I'm pretty sure the Damon
throws if this is with the part

where she no, that's later.

Bronwyn: And she's

Ben: trying to try to figure
out the rules of the dead.

No, don't try to figure out the rules.

Bronwyn: Jake isn't possessed.


Emily: gets possessed

Jake poles, Ash, by his head.

Bronwyn: Yes.


Emily: of the basement.

Henry had asserts coming
out of the basement and they

like try to kick her back in.

Ben: Well, it, goes full circle
because Jake is then later killed

when Henrietta grabs his head
and pulls him in by the head.

So there's some mutual
head polling going on

Bronwyn: Jake gets stabbed by
Annie, which is one of my favorite.

Yes, that is one of my favorite scenes
because it actually deeply reminds

me of the Evil Dead, the musical.

and is my favorite song in Evil Dead,
the musical, which is how God dammit.

You stabbed me.

Ben: Well, how hilarious is it like dead
eight bruises attacking in that scene.

And she's trying to close the door and she
just keeps slamming the door, guts, dab J

Bronwyn: right in his face for him
when she's like, she's pulling him

after she's like, unstamped him, she's
pulling him out of danger or whatever.

And he's like screaming in pain and
she's like, shut up, like rightness.

Ben: It's the fucking hilarious listeners.

Jake is not being stab to with
like a normal kitchen knife.

This is a sharp into human
spine as far as I can

Emily: tell it just randomly.

Ed gets possessed after the
eyeball goes into the mouth,

Bronwyn: which we never deal with.


Jeremy: you get the really iconic.

Him dancing and her dancing under the
uh, trap door is screaming dead by now.

Emily: And he's, dancing in the
air and dangling and, they're

all screaming dead by Don.

Ben: And my favorite part about ed
being a dead night is the way he just

like glides completely sideways in
order to start biting Billy Joe's air,

Emily: pulling it out and

Ben: chunk of her hair.

There's something just about like
a sideways glide that just fuck

it and got me glide sideways.

Bronwyn: And

Emily: so was

Bronwyn: like sideways.

Like that's bad hair.

I'm going to just bite it off.


Ben: Zoom sideways.

It's not the only way I feel like
it's a flowing bag kind of thing.

Not so much the left or right.

Emily: He also pulls Jacob tosses,
Jake into the ceiling where he breaks

his head on a light bulb or breaks a
light bulb on his head otherwise fine.


Because then ed is dispatched and this
house is going crazy again and it's making

every noise and I know it's every noise
because it was described in the captions.

And then finally this crescendo tapers
off into just a boom, boom, boom, boom.

There's this zombie in my room.

Bronwyn: I love the direction of this
too, though, with the people and you

get the two pairs of people looking at

Emily: every noise.


There's like, it's all closeup.

It's choreographed face,

Bronwyn: moving concerts, rapid

Ben: closeups on things, making noises.

Emily: That's a fucking comic book.



It's so good.

And then when they go into the, they're
like trying to figure out whether they're

going to go into the bedroom, like it's
the fucking seller, but in fact, they

go in there Annie and Ash go in there
and they encounter Annie's dad, Dan

Hicks, his character, whose name is fuck.

I don't remember professor.


His name is professor

Ben: projection on a

Emily: law.

Everybody loves Raymond.

He's dressed up like he's in
the fucking cabinet of Dr.

Caligari and he's like projected on the
wall, which is like, it's so random.

Cause it's like every other aesthetic.

I mean, this movie has every like
fucking zombie crazy art aesthetic in it.

And of course, because it's a
cartoon, it has like spooky Dracula.

Silent movie, ghost dad, like

Steve: it's very old school, Disney
like Disney short of Mickey and Donald

and goofy going into the haunted house.

Ben: I'm not going to
lie silent movie ghost.

That definitely sounds like the title
of a Disney channel, original movie.

The one that I definitely
would've watched in 2002.

Emily: Okay.

So, and then go status.

Like you got to use the
book to dispel that evil and

Jeremy: he's like, you gotta read
the other part because I only read

the part that summons the demon.

You gotta read the two cards.

One of them brings the
demon into physical form

and the other one sends the
demon back through this portal

to a different time and place.

I got

Ben: a call it this professor out again.

It's called demon.


What the fuck did you think was going to

Bronwyn: happen?

Emily: Well, here they can sing it back,

Bronwyn: but thanks for that.

Exposition, demon, ghost dad.

Ben: Hey, if you're going through
a spell book and one of them

is called demon resurrection,

Steve: skip

Bronwyn: that one.

Yeah, maybe we don't
read that one out loud.

I mean maybe we just, maybe
we just put a pin in that

Emily: one.


Bronwyn: push that one to the side.

Maybe you don't open that box.

Emily: So,

Ben: I'll give Jay credit for
his delivery on the line, baby.

I ain't holding your head

Jeremy: and the return of
the evil hand it changed it.

She then proceeds to run off into the
woods because of this hand um, where

she is then seized by this evil tree.

And luckily in this case uh, just eaten.

It seems she is not, she's
not assaulted by this tree.

Ben: Very nice of these
trees to just murder.

Emily: Yeah.

Ben: They learned about the portal.

Oh, we get the picture of someone
in the 13 hundreds holding a chain

side and Ash is is looking at that.

Just being like, I
don't know what that is.

That that guy doesn't like familiarity

Jeremy: wearing the same
blue shirt that Ash is

Ben: not looking at.

Flipping the page.

It's just a big neon sign
that says foreshadowing.

Bronwyn: Yeah.

Ben: So ed wants to not
add cause that's dead.

So Jake wants to go out and find
Billy Joe about like over Ash's

protests that they need to stay here
until it's until it's day break.

And we just get Bruce Campbell, his
incredible delivering on the line.

No, you idiot.

Bronwyn: And then pop it Joe
or not Bobby Joe, but Jake

becoming extremely pugnacious.

Ben: Yes.

This is where we go.

What if man was the real evil or

I guess

Jeremy: at which point they
go outside to look for Bobby

Joe and Ash gets repossessed.

He gets possessed the second time which he
is only able to eventually shake off when

he finds Linda's Necklace on the ground.

And it's like, ah, the great love
that I had for this character

who died the first five minutes
is redeemed me from this demon.

Ben: So I guess the message here is
that Henrietta didn't love her daughter.

And now

I'm going to like pretend that there rules
and be like, oh, there's different rules.

If you're possessed as a dead
person, versus if you're possessed

as an alive person, the real
answer is, fuck the rules.

The whole fucking goddamn matter.

This is Evil Dead.

Bronwyn: Two mother fuckers.


Emily: I mean, that's my analysis

Jeremy: in the midst of this Ash attacks
Jake and Jake is eaten by the house.

The trap door eats Jake as it pulls
him down into the uh, into the cellar

and sprays blood everywhere um,

Bronwyn: land anywhere.

Ben: Yes, after we get our great like
gut stab and door smashing and yelling

at the gut stab manager, shut up

Emily: Well, the Strake is
taken care of at that point.


Bronwyn: not

Jeremy: before dying.

Rest of the pages of the Necronomicon
and they need to make this demon

take form and then to kill it, the
thrown them down to the cellar.

So there's only one way at the Ash
can possibly proceed into the seller.

And that is that he has to go out to
the tool, shed, strap this chainsaw

to his uh, arm, whereas severed
hand used to be, get the shotgun

and uh, go full tilt after this.

Uh, we get this quick zoom
up on him with the groovy.

Bruce: Gro.

Ben: I love it.

Jeremy: that's all of army of dark army of
directors is blood, blood, blood, blood.


Ben: liner.

This is our actually here a moment.

Like he, like, he saw his author
shotgun and it's like, yeah,

Bo, this is what it's about.

Shit's about to get

Bronwyn: re yeah, I

Jeremy: just saw the shotgun
either has the partially sought

and then break it over his

Ben: knee.

This is like we have now moved for like,
he has always been an action survivor.

The emphasis has now shifted
from survivor to action.

Bronwyn: This

Emily: whole chainsaw arm situation
sings to me of the reverse

engineering and OSI into a story.

Ben: This is also my theory
behind everything with the

dark saber and star wars.

He's a Mandalorian and a Jedi and his
lightsaber is black and it's a Katana.

Emily: This is like straight up dressed
word and shit like OP but in this

case, it's so fucking delightful.

And as the character introduction, it is.


I mean, it's, not just like fucking random
and any more than anything else, it's

like much less random than the fucking
weird stone was the weird spine dagger.


Bronwyn: Where did that come

Emily: from?

I was on the desk, I guess
like, no one, they were all

Bronwyn: paperweight

Jeremy: the book, you know,
when you like pre-order a book,

Bronwyn: it was the

Ben: Kickstarter stretch

Bronwyn: goal.

Jeremy: The pre-ordered the Necronomicon.

So when it came out, he
got the weird dagger too.

Steve: Like

Bronwyn: it instead of enamel.

Emily: Yes.

Bronwyn: Well

Emily: also like the book was
separate from those pages.

So like this page pages, we're
definitely like DLC, right?

Bronwyn: It's true.

Jeremy: Ash proceeds.

I'm speaking of the page, as he proceeded
to down to the seller to get the baby.

And he has a fetch quest into the basement
to find all the, all of the pages.

And we get the great zombie
acting of us that we are.


Bronwyn: in the weirdly gourd
decorated basement, why are

there gourds hanging everywhere?


Ben: everything's just
dangling from the ceiling.

I'm like, oh, I don't like that.

Emily: It's a fruit seller.

What's this boy doing in my fruit seller.

Bronwyn: I've run out of fruit.

So now I

Emily: eat souls.

That's where she keeps
her souls in the, yeah.


I mean, don't you have gourds
in your pantry, just hanging.

I mean,

Bronwyn: me, myself, I prefer a
little glass jars, but it's my

Emily: aesthetic.


I mean like you can be
a cottage witch or a C.


Ben: live on the fourth
floor of a brick rectangle.

Emily: Listen, that doesn't mean
you can't be aesthetic though.

See how authentic your plants,

Ben: only plants you can keep in my
apartment are ones that hang from

the ceiling because otherwise my
cat will destroy any plant within

Emily: reach.

Also file a denture and in post.

So that's very good that
they are unreachable.


Jeremy: Sorry.

Which Musketeers?

Bronwyn: terrible for cats.

Emily: Really bad.

Bronwyn: They're evil to cats.

They're cat kickers.


Ben: feel like that was one of my first
real betrayal is, and when I learned

never to trust the advertising was when
I read three Musketeers and I'm like,

there's four of these motherfuckers.

Emily: How fucking dare you.



Turning Red: Who are these hip hopers
and why are they called four town?

If there are five of them, I dunno.

Ben: The, the monkey sounds like the
Chimp sounds when Henry and his head

extends and then it's just like,
God, their head there's headbutting.

Like this is a full on
fucking like haiku battle.

It feels like with the suits.

Emily: Oh yeah.

Well this is like, this
is directly homage.

to use the British
pronunciation in a doubt alive,

Bronwyn: sorry.

Oh, that hurt my heart.

So mean,

Ben: that's what I love to pay

Jeremy: my favorite
class to play in D and D.

Bronwyn: I mean, I'll give you that.

Emily: And a lot of video
games, that's your only option.

If you're a girl is a homemade.

Bronwyn: Yikes.

And I mean, that

Jeremy: does

Emily: play dragons.

Ben: Well, look, I tried my
best to play as a home monk.

They say, you can't be a slutty monk.

And I say,

Bronwyn: watch me, watch me

Emily: kind of month.

You can't have all those clothes get in
the way when you're fucking like using

the Buddhist POM to explode people.

I like to be a straight up
sledding barbarian, so, oh yeah.

Well that's like the only kind
of barbarian that is allowed.


Ben: Oh man.

So what's better.

The chimpanzee sounds Henrietta makes
while alive or the deflated balloon sound

that happens after her head is cut off.

Bronwyn: I'm really a fan of
the deflated balloon sound,

Emily: deflated balloon sound
like, I feel like she was straight

up supposed to be farting.

Like I was, I'm thinking that
this is just now fart humor.

And I'm like, oh, whatever.

Yeah, I'm into it.

It's happened so fast that I couldn't
really I'm like, is she partying?

Oh wait, no something else is happening.

But, and we have also

Bronwyn: like skimmed right.

Entirely past when trees
attack the evil ENT

Emily: story.

Bronwyn: Oh yeah.

Oh yeah.

Check the house.

Ben: No, don't forget.

We got the, another great Ash
Williams, a one-liner of swallow

Bronwyn: this

Ben: and then Ash makes the same mistake
that sour Lumon did forgot about the

Bronwyn: ends.

Emily: Yeah, exactly.

He forgot about the first movie

Ben: I got to say this movie
would be very different with

Christopher Lee in the role.

And Lord of the rings was Bruce
Campbell is also quite different.

Bronwyn: Oh, dare

Emily: to dream.


Don't tease me with these possibilities.

What the world would have given us.

He's got that gray streak.

I mean, he's gotten what Christopher Lee,

Ben: Christopher Lee would have been
on the side of this movie and been

like, have you ever actually cut
off a woman's head with a shovel?

Sounds like, because I do.

I know,

Bronwyn: right,

Emily: Chris really?

I think Christopher Lee is, would
be the, like, if there was an like

Indiana Jones, temple of doom kind of
situation with, Ash Williams and he

had to like do shit with his dad and
Christopher Lee would have to be, as dad

would basically be like this slightly
less like animated version of him.

I'm here for it.


Who's like he who every so often just
like pulls out a banger of either like,

summons, fucking birds to destroy.

The deadites or some shit, or like
any like straight up, like pulls

out a fucking set of bagpipes
and sings them back into hell.



Ben: want to say it Ash vs.

Evil, dead.

We did eventually get to meet Ash's
dad and they got Lee majors to play

Bronwyn: for

Emily: Rockwell.

Yeah, that's right.

That's right.

Bronwyn: But also is any actually
the real horror, the real hero of the

story, because I mean, she's the one
who's reading that incantation, even

after she stabbed to death, maybe

Jeremy: a real problem and
she didn't read fast enough.

She didn't turn a page quickly because
she's like, let me summon the demon into

physical form and then take a break for a

Emily: little while and
then just like, hang out.

Then she gets slammed.

Jeremy: She somehow managed to get
stabbed against all physical odds

by a hand connected to anything.

It has to have done some sort of
insane jujitsu to get up here.

It's absurd, hung up the wall and flip and

Ben: Of motility is taken
up holding the dagger.


And that's like, kicked it up in the
air, then jumped off the run off the wall

and then caught the dagger in the air.

Then stabbed her down.

Like you said, some real oh shit.

Bronwyn: Yeah.


Emily: hand was capable of that.

I fully believe that the hand
was capable of that and more it

Ben: temporarily became
Michelle Yeoh's hand.

Bronwyn: Yeah,

Jeremy: So Ash is in the clenches of
this giant evil tree thing, that is

the embodiment of this demon Our girl,
and he continues to read one word

at a time as she dies on the floor.


it opens up the portal and poles
ashen along with the, a demon

creature and also Ash's car.


Ben: they go through the the
Willy Wonka Harbor tunnel,

Bronwyn: the

Emily: fucking late.

They're trying to do the 2001
space Odyssey shit, but fucking

Bronwyn: Christmas lights, Christmas

Emily: lights.


Bronwyn: good.

Jeremy: I remember this is
almost all filmed in the gym of

a school in North Carolina here.


So evil and evil hand finishes off Annie
and it drops our boy Ash in the middle

of the, I guess they said 13 hundreds.

Is that right?


Emily: hundreds.

And, but he's also gone to Europe.

That's an important thing to mesh.

Bronwyn: Yes.

Because 13 hundreds United
States might look different.



Jeremy: specify where this castle is.

I mean, it's, theoretically doing English
stuff, but it could literally be anywhere

Bronwyn: castle United States.

Ben: It's all generic Western.

Bronwyn: Yeah,

Emily: again, like, little kid

Jeremy: logic, the original
best Western dropped in there.

And uh, they're, they're proceeded
to be some some nights that are ready

to kill him for being a dead night
and then a real dead eyed attacks.

And he chainsaws its head off.

I do want to give Bruce, Bruce was I do
want to get Bruce Campbell credit for

the amazing thing that Ash does, which
has started chains out with his mouth

which is really incredible physical move.

Even just from an acting
perspective of going with his teeth.

Ben: Dad alone will get you a lot
of views on Tik Tok these days.

And Only Fans.

Oh yeah.

Jeremy: Actually, I
have a crazy, only fans.

I've got to say

Emily: I'm here for it.

Like at the end of the movie, when
he's like Africa, he's almost killed

by the fucking rich and his like
arm is out and he's like extra sexy.

Like that's another thing is
that he is the most sexualized

character in this film.

Oh yeah.

Oh, when

Ben: he's got the ripped up shirt

Bronwyn: full on tits out,

Emily: he got his

Ben: tits at, oh, some real, like
sun's out guns out tits out, but

Jeremy: none of them, none of the female
character is a titter out in pill.

They are CGI zombies and that's
not, that's not a good look.

Ben: Those are specifically not
sexualized hits unlike Bruce.

Campbell's very sexualized tests.



Emily: That literally glisten

Ben: again, that North Carolina.

So I like you don't need oil when
you got that North Carolina heat.

I figured

Jeremy: it's this scene in the sand has to
be somewhere else because there's no sand

like this in North Carolina, unless they.

Bronwyn: I said it

Emily: wasn't, it was
also filmed in Detroit.

So you're curling in Detroit.

So I assume this is
maybe you whole Detroit

Ben: I'm really not sure which Western
European desert, this is supposed to

Jeremy: be spinning, right?


Ben: yeah, this is, we gotta
be in the Iberian peninsula.

Emily: It's it's Europe and he
can speak European first Campbell.

Bronwyn: Yes.


Ben: wait European

Jeremy: language doesn't understand.

Give me some sugar, baby.

Bronwyn: Yeah.

Ben: I mean, I'm pretty sure he would
have been here like Muslim ruled.


I may have talked to this
goes very differently, right.

Emily: Like he would fuck it.

Like team up with the mathematicians and
that's how they fucking do the timeshare

because they actually know how science

Bronwyn: yes.

Jeremy: he taps the head off
of this blinding dead eye.

And they all hail him as
this layer that I it's.

And uh, I think he we're supposed to
believe that he realizes that he is

the man of legend, but that doesn't
seem in keeping with ashy too much

of a dummy to pull that off, I think.

Ben: Yeah.

Well he started snacking.

No, no, no.

Which might be because his
car got wrecked mostly.

Emily: There's also surrounded by
like these tools in fucking armor.

And he probably thinks that he
just got transported to ALARP,

which like, some LARPs are okay.

Bronwyn: Exactly.

Emily: Yeah.

But it was, it is a very,
like, is it planet of the

Bronwyn: apes kind of moment?

Jeremy: Not nearly as much as the
end of Army of Darkness, but I mean,

Ben: in general, I would have said
to discover that I've traveled

to an era without penicillin.

Emily: Yeah.

That was where everyone has syphilis.

It's just like part of life.

Bronwyn: Yeah.

Without indoor plumbing.

Yeah, without a basic
concept of sanitation.

Emily: That's why he would
have been a lot better off of

the Muslim Iberian peninsula.

Bronwyn: Exactly.

And they had their shit together.


Ben: get yo ass to the Ottoman

Bronwyn: empire.

Emily: They actually have infrastructure.

Ben: Um, Is there anyone out
there who's was like, we got to

bring back the Ottoman empire.

We need to, we need to reraise the
banner of the Ottoman gold golden age.

Bronwyn: Ikea.

Ben: I see what you did there.

Bronwyn: Yes.

Love that.

Ben: That's the movie.

Is it feminist?

Emily: No, no, it's not.

Ben: It doesn't have tree rape.

So yeah, by that

Emily: metric, it's not as not
feminists as the other installations

in this particular franchise.

Whereas this movie does not overly
sexualized its female characters.

They still have absolutely no agency or
like really anything interesting about

them to speak of other than being like

Jeremy: read ancient Sumerian.

Emily: Yeah.

She, she is kind of then MVP, even
though she is doomed, but like Ash again

is the most sexual eyes and the, all
the zombies are ladies and they kick

ass except for when Ash is a zombie.

And he doesn't kick ass as much.


Jeremy: Yeah.

Ben: So we're saying I'm most feminist
character in the movie is Henrietta hid

Jeremy: Ramy.

Bronwyn: Well,

Emily: and Linda's

Linda's zombie is fucking legendary
and without a fucking dance in

her head and everything, when she
can, she gets killed, but it's not

easily, like she holds her own.


She manages to hold her
own chainsaw in her body.


Bronwyn: anyway,

Emily: so it was this movie provide
good representation for people

with physical disabilities.

I'm going

Bronwyn: to say, just across
the representation wise, the

answer's kind of, no, I mean,

Jeremy: he does technically
have a prosthetic.

It is a chainsaw and he
is quite able with it.

He's arguably better equipped after losing
a hand than he is beforehand to take off

Ben: much better with the chain saw hand.


Bronwyn: maybe

Steve: if anything, the movie
is says, disability, won't

stop you from killing evil.

That's true.

And I liked that

Ben: if anything, disability will give you
more room to equip more weapons at a time.

Bronwyn: I mean, it depends on the

Emily: weapon, but like,
you know, they're creative.

I will say, though , I've never had a
real life conversation in any sort of

like deeper, important conversation about
somebody in their, experience with losing

a limb where they said it was any sort of
opportunity to get like a chainsaw hand.

Ben: I mean, I've never been in
a conversation with anyone about

their last land, but that is true.

I've never talked to anyone who has been
like, look, all things considered it ended

up working out because now I got this
sweet harpoon hand and that's written

that really helps in the workplace uh, Is
there LGBT representation in this movie

is the class issues in this movie?

Ash is, just showing up at a random

Bronwyn: cabin.

He knows nothing about is that classroom.

Emily: I mean, the difference between
Bobby Joe and Annie, and like the people,

there's a bit of a class thing there,
but it's not exactly a deep conversation.

No, it's mostly like they're
different and they all suck.

Ben: Yeah.

So, uh, Okay then would
y'all recommend this movie?

I know I should.


Bronwyn: thousand percent.



Steve: a classic.

It's an absolute

Emily: classic million percent.

Jeremy: Yeah, I would, this is the
most recommendable of the trilogy.

I think like it's the, I mean
the Army of Darkness is great.

It is its own thing.

It's not so much a horror movie as it
is sort of an action comedy and Evil

Dead is some of this done worse and
worse and less, less weird and less fun.

So I think, you know, a lot of people,
you want to watch things in order,

and that's fine if you really feel
like you need to, but you don't really

need to watch the first Evil Dead.

And you certainly don't
need to watch the Evil Dead

Bronwyn: remake.

Emily: Yeah.

it's weird because Army of Darkness, I
remember seeing a lot more, like people

would watch it a lot more because probably
because it was just so funny and I'm

Jeremy: new at that point too.

Emily: I mean, yeah.

Well, when did it come

Jeremy: out?

I remember army Derek does is 90.

Bronwyn: Yeah.

99, something like that.

Steve: I must be misremembering, the
remake of Evil Dead pretty hard because

earlier tonight I was like, it's awesome.

I'm listening.

Like I'm reading the temperature of
the room here and I'm like, Ooh boy,

Steve, your memories failed you again.

Emily: I haven't seen it.

I just know that, like,
it can't live up to this.

Steve: I saw it I guess when it first
hit like DVD or Blu-ray or something.

Don't remember.

I remember it being visually appealing.

It just in an, in terms of like bloodshed
and whatnot, but I don't, I don't

remember all the ins and outs that you've
mentioned tonight and now I'm kind of

rethinking my position on the movie and
also the kind of thing where I don't

feel curious about going to rewatch it
to make sure I think I'll just skip it.

Jeremy: I, I, I will tell you,
I wrote pretty extensively after

watching the remake because I was a
fan of the original, Evil Dead stuff.

And I was like, I want to give this a try.

At that point, I had already seen a
don't breathe, which is not the best

way to go into a movie by that director.

But I was very specifically annoyed
by the fact that that first like

the, they just felt the need to make
what was a silly premise in the.

Just the darkest.

It really reminds me of Jeff Johns,
this movie of like the way that Jeff

Johns has a tendency to take what are
goofy origin stories and turn them

into super tragic extremely violent
stories in ways that are not fun for me.

And that, that felt what this was
like, is that the, then they took this

beginning to this and made it super
dark and about drugs and everything.

And then they took sort of every
beat that was sort of fun and able

then to, and made it hyper violent.

All three of the women who appear
in this movie get possessed at

some point and like just sort of
completely lose any autonomies.

Our main character does get tree raped.

Does have like a demon black
thing shoved up her by a Treme.

And then both of the other
women, one of whom is possessed.

And then they're very vivid of that,
about the fact that she pisses herself on

screen immediately after being possessed,

Ben: sounding a lot, like yeah,
from the director of don't breathe.


Jeremy: And the other one is
also immediately possessed

and starts, cutting herself.

And yeah, it's like the two dozen sale.

These are the only ones that like
have any sort of the deadites

Ben: unsigned.

It just like scare you.

They're trying to fuck with you.


Jeremy: Yeah.

And I mean like the female lead,
who is the one getting off of drugs

and the movie ends up playing sort
of the Ash part where she ends up

facing off against the, summoned
demon at the end and comes out on top.

So she has like a, a winning moment
at the end, but everything to get

to that point is just so much,

Ben: does it end with her getting
flung through a time portal?


Bronwyn: So

Jeremy: the best part about this movie,
and what's maybe most disappointing

about it is there is a post credits
blip of Ash Williams showing up, and

then they didn't make the CQL who that
was supposed to bring Ash into like

this world with, these new characters.

Which I, honestly it's probably
better, but like, yeah, it didn't,

Ben: that sounds like it would
have been a real total car crash.

Jeremy: Yeah.

Trying to fit Ash in the vet
world would have been a real mess.

Bronwyn: Yeah,

Steve: they're remaking it again.

Aren't they they're working on

Jeremy: that right now.

So they're doing a semi sequel.

One theoretically takes place, I think
in the same continuity as the remake,

but does not feature the main character
from that movie is about a different

group of kids that go to the thing.



Ben: all I can say is I hope they
remember to have some kind of sense

of humor because an Evil Dead that
takes itself entirely seriously.

What's the fucking point.

It's just a

Emily: media for horror.


Ben: got horror movies that take
themselves deathly seriously are

literally a dime, a dozen a movie
with the tone of Evil Dead II.

Like that's a fucking jam.

Jeremy: Yeah.


I mean a remake of Evil Dead
II, should be so far away from

what the tone of that movie is.

And so much closer to
what like a malignant is,

Ben: Like a remake of Evil Dead
should like start Channing Tatum

Jeremy: treaded in the first
two minutes of the movie.


It was just like

Bronwyn: a big

Ben: dumb Himba who can just respond to
any problem with overwhelming violence.

Jeremy: Yeah, John, it would even work.

I feel like

Ben: yeah.

Jeremy: The physical comedy of a
job I think would really do that and

you can still have a female lead.

They just also need to be funny.

Ben: Yes.

Emily: Yeah.

Jeremy: Yeah, because that, wasn't my
problem with that movie at all, because

it has Jane Levy, the same actress.

Who's the main character in don't breathe.

Who is good.

Is the main character
in Evil Dead the remake.

But again, everything
else about the movies.

Not to my taste.


So yes, we do recommend people that to,

Ben: so what will we write
if you all enjoyed Evil Dead

II, what would you recommend?

Or just, what have you been watching?

And you want people to check out?

Bronwyn: I've got a list.

No, you, after you, honey,

Steve: I think I've mentioned this movie
before on the show because it just, it

applies to so many that we talk about,
but if you want weird shit happening in

the middle of nowhere, check out, man.

Nicholas cage.

That is a, you want to talk about a
modern movie that is visually just

splendiferous from every imaginable
angle and is able to take its

wild premise and have fun with it.

There is so much wackiness going on
in that like brutal, weird movie.

That it's one, it's one of the only
like modern movies that even comes

close to doing something like what
Evil Dead was doing back in the day.

I don't think anybody else
has been able to get there.

I think Evil Dead II stands on
its own as this Looney tunes,

horror movie that is unique.

But if you want isolation, weirdness,
tripping, anus, hallucinogenic, stuff

like that, like weird shit going on, check
out Mandy, Mandy, Mandy is real good.

Emily: I wholeheartedly agree.

Like that's a really inspired
recommendation because Mandy

is like, we talk about the
Dino de Laurentiis aesthetic.

And this is pannus cos mottos,
who was also doing a, like, he

did the beyond the black rainbow,
which was kind of a snoozer.

But Mandy is everything.

Like, I feel like the all black Ramo
could walk, so Mandy could run and

it is definitely like the evil day.

Of this decade.

It just commits and there's
like fucking weird animation.

There's a chainsaw sword
fight and there's no

Steve: there's demons.

There's hell portals.

Like there's all

Bronwyn: kinds of crazy.

So weird.

I love it.


Emily: bonkers.

It is entirely self-indulgent.

And then also like in this
postmodern way where it's just

like unabashedly weird, like you
have that adventure time weirdness.


Bronwyn: Like the first 40 minutes of
this movie, you're just sorta like, whoa.

And then the next you're just
like, how did we get from 30?


And then the last 20 or so you're just
like, no, it doesn't even matter again.

It's like,

Emily: it's like bond.

SCNA like, it's straight up bond us, you
know, kind of stuff where like you start

this movie with some character development
and then suddenly, except doesn't start

with the fucking crazy world shit.

you know, it ends in fucking Jupiter.

Like it's it's I love that movie.

Bronwyn: It's a very weird movie.


That's a good

Steve: recommendation.

We watched that on our honeymoon in
Jamaica with all of the, like the old, the

windows open and everything, and everybody
could hear all the craziness happening

Bronwyn: as we do.

I would very much recommend
Evil Dead, the musical.

You should definitely sit in the splatter
zone because all of that glorious blood

splatter and like arterial spray out
of the set is definitely coming at you.

You have to wear a poncho
and the music is amazing.

I'm not a musical person.

Like I don't typically recommend musicals,
but every now and then you get one and

it's great, and this is one of them.

So if you're a theater goer at all
evil to the musical if you like the

Ramy kind of aesthetic, if you want
the silly feel of the Evil Dead

time cop, you need to see time cop.

Cause that shit is hysterical.

If you want something more, a
little bit more on the intellectual

side, but still very weird and
bonkers the Hudsucker proxy.

The demon possession side of
things you'll absolutely know from

listening to this podcast about
how much we love Jennifer's body.

So definitely see that one or
fallen, which is an old favorite.

I really liked that one.


Emily: Yeah.

So I was going to recommend the
Hudsucker proxy, which is the Cohen

brothers, which I think it's sort of,
it's one of their, like, maiden voyages.


And it is produced by Sam Raimi,
which is such a weird combo because

like he's basically like, oh, fly.

And then they're like, we will, and
then Bruce Campbell is in that movie.

He's like randomly inside of
that movie and it's such, and

that movie is also a cartoon,

Bronwyn: like, oh my God.

Oh my God.

When the people like the bankers
start trying to throw themselves

out the window and then they
finally ended up replacing the

Emily: window with plexiglass.



Like, this is one of those movies.

It's kind of like, if you combine like
a classic superhero movie, like Superman

or like the shadow, which was weird movie
not a great movie, but and then like

combine that with something like Brazil.

It's so unique because of how it's
like, it's, like it's somewhere between.

Like, the what's that movie about the
Manhattan project, big fat man, a little

boy, Tim Robbins, and a sort of like,
kind of weird period pieces, very furious.

And then like, in this weird, like dark
city dream, like dystopian dream world.

So that's a good one and that was the one
I was going to recommend, but it's okay.

I'm going to go way into the,
into the weeds right now.

And if you want to fucking crazy
movie with crazy acting and it's just

about just crazy shit happening it's
not going to be as good as Evil Dead.

I'm sorry.

I mean, Evil Dead II.

Probably as good as Evil Dead.

I will recommend the film
adaptation of Whitley.

Schreiber's communion,
starring Christopher Walken.

Bronwyn: All right.

Emily: This movie is bananas.

I think this

Jeremy: is the first time this
movie has come up on this podcast.

Emily: Is it the fir I don't think I've

Jeremy: there was another
movie that was directly tied

to Whitley Schreiber somehow in

Emily: the hunger.


Yeah, because Whitley
Shriver wrote the hunger.

The communion was based on his.


Jeremy: totally real experience.


Emily: real experience.


Bronwyn: We haven't seen
that movie in a dog's age.

Oh my God.

I forgot about that.

Emily: Yeah, I thoroughly enjoyed
it for just this sheer weirdness.

And it's a little bit, if you know
the story behind it, it's a little

bit sad, but just watching Chris, her
walk-in act against all of these weird

robot toys that are flying around.

Bronwyn: Yeah.


Emily: that's great.

Jeremy: I have so many things.

Bruce Campbell is one
of my favorite actors.

I have been to a book
signing of Bruce Campbell's.

I've heard him talk a couple of times
is a really interesting dude that really

engages with his, his fandom in a way
that a lot of guys at his level do not.

He wrote a great book called the
chins could kill, which is all

about his life as a B-movie actor.

He is I would definitely recommend
following him on Twitter.

He does things like.

Post up the original footage from
like the first commercial that

he ever did, which is like a very
long commercial for a Volkswagen

Ben: I'd buy a Volkswagen that
Bruce Campbell tried to sell me.

Jeremy: Because he grew up in Detroit.

So he has a lot of like bits of him doing
car commercials and stuff like that.

As far as things I would
recommend that he is in if you

like this, get 15 by the hotel.


Bronwyn: my God.

I forgot.


Jeremy: don't walk to go watch.

Bronwyn: Yes, shit in the theater,

Jeremy: the great and good and
late Ozzie Davis who are playing in

this movie, Bruce is playing Elvis.

Ozzie Davis is playing JFK.

And they are both still alive and well,
despite them both seeming to be dead

living in this retirement community.

And they are fighting a mummy
because why not all those things

together at the same time.

If you haven't seen the man with
two brains that is also our no,

sorry, the man with the screaming
brain is Bruce Campbell's.

That's another one.

That's absolutely fantastic.

I can't recommend Hercules
anymore because the lead in.

Socks, but Kevin Bruce Campbell's
characters on Xena as well.

Ben: Awesome.

That's the one to watch

Jeremy: actually, it's the king
of thieves, the tall, who was a

recurring character in both of those.

So definitely, I mean, give a try Frisco.

That is next on my list.

And my recommendation section here,
Emily is junior, which for the longest

time was not available anywhere.

And I believe it was on Tubi now.

So you can watch the whole
series of Brisco county Jr.

On there as Sam Raimi wise, you
also have to watch dark man.

Nobody else recommended Derek

Emily: man.

Bronwyn: So I took it off my list.

Jeremy: It is the wackiest,
most bunkers, a superhero movie.

Bronwyn: That's

Emily: like Barker quite Barker's
up in that shit too, right?


Jeremy: And Liam Neeson fuck, it's a hell
of a thing to look at the people that are

in that movie and see where they ended up.

I am also a big fan of the quick and the
dead which is pretty amazing because it

is a Western that he somehow still manages
to get his car into, by pieces of a wagon.

Because Sam Raimi is just that dedicated.

And if you haven't seen a simple
plan, which is also Sam Raimi, it's

much darker than a lot of this stuff.

But it's, it's also a very good film.

And while I'm here while I have a minute
I watched a lot of movies while I was at

the convention this past weekend, my first
convention in awhile a movie that came out

in like two years ago, they got almost no
play when it came out and is incredible.

Is widows.

If you haven't seen widows, which is
a story about a group of women who are

all of the wives of criminals who die
stealing $2 million from a notorious

gangster who then shows up and tells
them that they owe him 10, $2 million.

Even though they have nothing to
do with crime and have no idea how

to get $2 million it is incredible.

It is directed by Steve McQueen and it
stars Viola Davis, Michelle Rodriguez,

Elizabeth, Becky they're all very good.

And their husbands who don't last very
long in this, or played by Liam Neeson,

John Barenthal and Manuel Garcia ROFO.

And then like, this has maybe the best
pair of, respectable gangster slash scary

gangster that I've ever seen, which is
the guy who is they steal this money

from is played by Brian Tyree, Henry who
Does scary well in this movie, but is

way overshadowed by his second command.

Who's played by Daniel
Kaluuya who is scary as hell

Ben: Daniel Cole.


Can bring on the scary.


Jeremy: yeah.


I think my favorite moment in this
movie is when Daniel Kaluuya finds out

that w like at the beginning that one
of the the two guys that were supposed

to be watching while this money was
stolen we're busy freestyle rapping.

And so he forces them to
freestyle rap while he is in

their face, holding a gun on them.

And like, does this incredibly
intense, like he is this close to

their face, like looking them in the
eyes as this guy is trying to rap.

It's just like the scariest scene of
him being just the scariest gangster.

So like, this is an incredible
movie full of amazing guys.

Colin Farrell is in it as well.

Robert Duvall isn't it, it
is like a murderer's row.

And nobody talked about
it for some reason.

Cause it's, but it's incredible.

So like not a horror movie, but
it is incredibly intense and I

definitely recommend watching it.

Ben: So my recommendation.

It doesn't have Bruce Campbell or
have anything to do with Evil Dead II.

But the spy family anime just came out.

It's available on crunchy roll.

It's real good out spy family.

All right.

Emily: I've read some of
the Mongo is very good.

Ben: I don't know what's happening.

Hulu and crunchy roll.

I don't know contracts.

I know that.

What am I?

Someone who went to business school
and got a degree in entertainment?

Like business issue?

I did.

I know what the fuck is going on.

Emily: I mean, I went to fine art college.

Bronwyn: I took a degree
in environmental science.

Ben: What good.

I mean, you're doing
things for the planet.

What fucking use of, I'm just a fucking,

Bronwyn: you make me laugh,

Ben: meat and carbon.

I mean, I'm okay with that.

Jeremy: And Steve, do you want
to uh, tell people where they can

find you and your work online?

Bronwyn: you can find me on
anything social at shiny baby B.

And you can also find my podcast under
the talking comics, family, or at

thirsty on tune on Twitter and Instagram,

Steve: indeed.

And I'm at debt underscore
anchors on Twitter and Instagram.

You can check out the talking comics
podcast every Wednesday morning.

You comic book day and also go check
out my My animation documentaries on

the Joe Blow's original YouTube channel.

It's called animation movies revisited
where I delve into the greatest

animated films of the past and
celebrate them all over again for you.


It's a lot of fun.

The next video to drop is
who framed Roger rabbit.


Bronwyn: great movie.

Emily: And then you'll
eventually do rock and rule.

Apparently, maybe

Bronwyn: I don't know,

Steve: on the list.

Jeremy: Well, let's do the one
with the rooster and the rock

and roll with doodle doodle.

Bronwyn: Get it right,

Emily: but just rocket
doodle have tits in it.

Cause rocket school does

Jeremy: well.

I mean, they're not exposed, but the
chickens in this rocket doodle movie

uh, are very, very well in doubt,

Emily: concern down for their breasts.

Jeremy: Yeah, definitely.

That's a true story.

They've had a whole family for them
as for the rest of us, you can find


Ben is on Twitter at Ben the Khan and
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I bought

Ben: Instagram now at Ben Kahn comics.

So follow me on Instagram
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going to post panels of shit.

I've worked on.

Jeremy: You heard him just like Brian
Bendis that's all Brian, but it's

his Instagram feed, his 20 year old
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And finally for me, you can find
Twitter, you can find Twitter, I'm there.


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Tell us what you think of Evil Dead II.

I'm sure you have opinions and thoughts
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Dead remake that w I spent a good five
minutes talking about why it's horrible.

And speaking of loving to hear from
you, please review our podcast.

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well, and get recommended other places.

Thanks again to Steve and Bronwyn
and to Ben happy birthday.

Bronwyn: Ah,

Jeremy: Emily was also here.

So jump straight into

the happy

Emily: birthday.

I'm singing.

Happy birthday today.

I think we should

Bronwyn: have

Jeremy: happy birthday, Ben
then it's your birthday.


All right.

Well, this is it.

We'll see you again next week.

And until then stay horrified.

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