Malignant (aka Super Mario Body Horror) with Dave Dwonch and Bronwyn Kelly-Seigh

Trigger Warnings: Domestic abuse, gaslighting, hallucination, torture, blood and guts, extreme violence, compound fractures, police, mental health.

They said it was impossible, but here's the movie with a disability twist that might actually be too dumb to criticize. Your mileage may vary, but James Wan's Malignant is definitely going to elicit some reaction from you!

Wan is the most recent AAPI director we're highlighting this week, with a huge slew of horror and non-horror movies and a massive production company of his own in Atomic Monster, there are few genre directors with more influence...which is sort of the only reason I can imagine this movie got made at all.

Star Trek: Strange New Worlds
These Fleeting Shadows
Gunpowder Milkshake
Banshees (from Scout Comics)
John Wick
The Seattle Underground (the actual place, not many of the other things probably named this in popular culture)
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