Devilman: The Demon Bird (aka Bird Bewbs) with Jamie Noguchi, Bronwyn Kelly-Seigh, and Steve Seigh

Our extra long exploration of Devilman for Emily's birthday continues with the episode about the naked big tiddied bird lady that can throw her claws at you. Anime, amirite?

Fear Level: Existentially Disconcerting
Trigger Warnings: exploitative nudity, graphic violence

HAS THIS EVER HAPPENED TO YOU? You're having ok day at school but then you go outside to check on your school bunny cages and all of the bunnies are dead but then you discover that there's one alive and he's hiding under the mulch in the cage but when you take him out to protect him the local gang that killed the bunnies shows back up and threatens to kill you if you don't give them the bunny to kill and they hit you with a bike chain and your girlfriend shows up to break them up and put a bandage on you? But then you're walking home together and she wants to smooch you but then your old friend that you haven't seen in a decade pops up in the middle of the forest wearing a trenchcoat and sunglasses and says something happened to his dad and he needs you to come with him, but when your girlfriend tries to come to he threatens her with a knife and says there are no girls aloud? Then he takes you to the spooky castle where he lives and tells you how his dad tried to kill him and then set himself on fire and he makes you wear a giant skull helmet that shows you the history of a demon dimension and then while you guys are going to the other room where all of his records are you get attacked by a bunch of demons with tentacles coming out of their boobs and they chase you out to his car but then when you get into the car the car develops a vagina with teeth that tries to eat you so you have to shoot the car and then walk back to the creepy castle where he shows you his elevator to his underground 80's cocaine club full of half naked dancing people and tells you the only way to become a demon is to let yourself go and dance with hot naked women, but as soon as you start to do that he breaks a bottle and starts stabbing people and then they turn into demons, so in order to save him you have to fuse with a demon and you become some sort of sexy half demon superhero that has hooves and claws and murders all the demons that used to be hot naked women and suddenly you've murdered everyone in the hot underground 80s cocaine club except your friend who is okay?
  • Director: Iida Umanosuke (Assistant director on Castle in the Sky and Hellsing, creator of Tide Line Blue, storyboard artist on Big O and Cowboy Bebop)
  • Writers: Iida Umanosuke, based on the novelization by Yasutaka Nagai of Go Nagai’s 1972 original Devilman comic)
    • A little bit about Go Nagai 
    • Crazy uncle of manga
    • Invented mech pilots and transforming magical girls 
    • Has retold Devilman at least 4 times and considers it his life’s work
  • Stars: Show Hayami (Wolfwood in “Trigun”), Yu Mizushima (One Piece, Golden Kamuy, Legend of the Galactic Heroes), Jun Konomaki, Takeshi Aono, Yoshiko Sakakibara (Nausicaa, Ghost in the Shell 2.0, Bubblegum Crisis, Hellsing Ultimate)

Topics of Discussion:
  • Anime
  • What are bird boobs even for?
  • Can a cape and bandages become the new it look?

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