The Mummy (1999) (aka The Bisexual Thirst Trap) with Alexis Sanchez & Desiree Rodriguez

Jeremy, Ben, Alexis, and Desiree find themselves trapped between late nineties Egyptian exoticism and overwhelming thirst for Evy Carnahan and Rick O'Connell. If you see any golden bugs, leave them where they are!

Fright Level: Spooky (a little scary)
Trigger warnings: Egyptian/Middle Eastern exoticism, bugs, mild gore, jump scares

Is progress an illusion? Because we're talking 1999's "The Mummy" with Rachael Weisz and Brendan Frasier and how even though it traffics in Eastern exoticism and white people digging up dead brown people to steal their ancient artifacts, it's somehow way better at meaningful representation and creating female heroes with agency than the 2017 Tom Cruise "The Mummy."

Also, was "The Mummy" just a thirst trap for young bisexuals? Our panels seems to think so as they find both the brilliant and gorgeous Evy Carnahan (Weisz) and the roguish and caring Rick O'Connell (Frasier) equally swoon worthy.

Also were you a teenager in 1999 and do you still find yourself itching under your skin every time you see an image of a scarab. We sure as heck do. Come for the gooey mummies, stay for the empowered, intelligent, and somehow still feminine badass.

Finally, is Oded Fehr so handsome that he saved this whole movie? The answer may surprise you.

The Mummy Returns
The Mask of Zorro
Deep Blue Sea
The Invisible Man
Pirates of the Caribbean: Curse of the Black Pear ONLY

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