Marble Hornets (aka CPA Jerry "Norm" Slenderman)

Back in the Halcyon days of 2009, it was a viral phenomenon. But how does the Slender Man hold up thirteen years later?
Jeremy has the week off, so Emily and Ben are running the show along with a special guest! And they're here to talk about things that are too weird, young, and viral for Jeremy's old ass.
Hey, you guys know about Slenderman? He's my accountant. But the Slender Man...isn't that that movie with Nick and Norah Charles? You know, the fast talking couple that that Thrilling Adventure Hour skit is based on? It's got Myrna Loy in it. Is that what kids are into these days? Listen, if you're gonna do an episode of the podcast without me, you guys gotta write up the notes! Don't one of you know shorthand?
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